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There is More To Successful Scabies Treatment Than You Realize

Posted Aug 31 2011 1:21am

##If you have scabies, the most effective treatment that you can have is one that comes from your physician. In order to be safe, learn as much as you can about the various scabies treatments that you can use, especially if you purchase over-the-counter remedies. Infestations are common in homes; this is because of the contagious nature of this insect. These little mites can live for over 24 hours apart from a human host. It is possible, then, for anyone to get scabies by touching objects that have them other than human. It is quite common for multiple family members to get the mites very easily. Once treatment has begun, the entire house should be cleansed of the little mites to make sure further infestations do not occur.
##Wherever there are large groups of people that commune in smaller areas, there is a higher likelihood of scabies infestations occurring. So when this is treated, every aspect of the home or area that they were all in needs to be treated immediately. You can’t just treat the person that has the infestation, but you need to also treat where they live. The treatment of scabies has been known to fail because rooms and people need to be treated simultaneously. Infestations, though simple to handle, require a great deal of work, making it sometimes tough to successfully complete. If you find yourself with scabies and have a lot of itchiness, OTC antihistamines will work for that, but you will need a prescription medicine to deal with the scabies. If you are going to choose antihistamines, Benadryl works as well as any of them. Also, there will be no issues at all with antihistamines posing any threat of interference with the treatment or even diagnosis of the condition. Children will need to stay out of school, while being treated, for one to three days before returning. The doctor can give you some advice for what to do for your child’s itching. Over-the-counter antihistamines are not appropriate for small children, so don’t use them without a doctors advice.
##Over-the-counter solutions for dealing with scabies effectively do not exist, so you should understand that. Treatment needs to kill the mites and the eggs laid by them. That process is not guaranteed with OTC medicines. The main problem with the OTC treatments for scabies is that the job can’t get done because they aren’t strong enough. You need to see your doctor as soon as possible if you have extreme itchiness, and also a dry, irritated patch of skin. Your doctor needs to take a skin scrape and then have it analyzed in a laboratory to get a proper analysis.
##People that are diagnosed as having scabies by a physician can definitely receive treatment to help them. However it is important to determine the extent of the infestation.
##An example of a bad infestation would be someone that has HIV; their immune system is so bad that thousands of mites may live in their skin. Healthy adults, on the other hand, may have as few as 10 mites in their infestation. The general state, and age of the person, are also factors to consider. As a general rule, people that use first-line treatments to approach their scabies infestation, will win the battle in the end.

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