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Posted Nov 06 2008 6:00am - Truth in Wellness, Partner in HealthWhen we use the term “holistic medicine” what does that really mean? Holistic medicine is a term used to describe therapies that attempt to treat the patient as a whole person. So often Western medicine just addresses the symptoms or masks the pain without looking at any other underlying root cause. Holistic medicine attempts to prevent illness by placing a greater need on general good health.  We must remember that the body’s natural state is that of optimal health and this is what we should be aiming for through proper nutrition, lifestyle and various wellness modalities that’s purpose is to get you there!  So if you’ve been investigating an alternative to Western medicine or desperately seeking a credible source within the holistic realm, welcome fully to the marketplace As their mission states, is a one stop resource for all things related to holistic treatment.  Covering more than fifty complementary, alternative and integrative modalities, is there to help you make informed decisions, and live healthier lives, naturally. The site provides reliable information, a directory of licensed practitioners and schools across the United States, engaging new media, natural remedies, and a forum for peer discussion.

If we had to make a general comparison, is to holistic medicine what WebMD is to conventional Western medicine as an online source.  Recently I had the extreme pleasure of meeting the founder of - Kelly Campbell.  Her story is that of a true entrepreneur and filling a void.  After her own bout with illness, Kelly found that there was no reputable site for holistic medicine.  Kelly, a website designer by trade and President and Creative Director of Liqui-Site Designs, took her design skills mixed with her passion for a holistic lifestyle to develop a site that’s widely needed after seeing a dearth in the marketplace.   The biggest issue that Kelly found was that info was disparate across the internet and most disconcerting, no vetting of practitioners that were lending information on your health.

After talking with Kelly at length and with so much clutter on the Internet, I asked her to really give me the takeaways of what makes her site different.  It’s credibility and integrity.  Kelly conducted an exhaustive search to find the best and brightest in
the holistic space then put together an advisory board - per modality - to vet, screen and approve the practitioners that are showcased on the site.  And the advisory board is most impressive with leaders in the field represented, such as Dr. Hyla Cass - leader in the field of integrative medicine to Dr. Victor Zeines - a leader in holistic dentistry, to name just a few.

The advisory board screens every practitioner’s application before it goes on to the site.  So in this case, paying an application fee for a practitioner to be on TheHolisticOption site in not enough.  Kelly created such a large an illustrious advisory board so that she could make sure that practitioners were vetted by board members within the same modality.  Case in point, when Kelly was doing research regarding her own health she happened upon a practitioner that had only been practicing her modality
for a few months.  Kelly made the decision that that was not enough
praticum time to advise folks who were coming to her website.

And if that wasn’t enough to help you feel at peace when using this site to aid you in your overall wellness and find holistic options for what ails you, 25 professional organizations have recognized Kelly’s site including the American Holistic Health Association, the Holistic Dental Association, and the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine — which is a part of NIH.

So to my readers, I encourage you to spend some time on this informative site, bookmark it and next time you’re not feeling well or want to explore alternative medicine gets my full endorsement.

Written by:  Michelle Barge

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