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The ultimate guide for a calmer driving experience:

Posted Sep 29 2008 10:34pm

By Carole Fogarty

Detox and de-stress: A regular feature

Driving around in a metal container full of stress is not my idea of fun and I’m sure it’s not yours. A well intended trip or short visit to the local shops can easily turn into a draining experience that peaks at 100 on the stress meter within seconds with children in the car.

Enter some simple, practical and fun child proof remedies to transform your driving experience by adjusting the calm dial in your car.


Mother Mirth

1. Remove secondhand stress lingering in your car:
This would be the absolute first thing that I do before anything else. The atmosphere or vibe in your car can influence moods and behaviors. Lingering second hand unwanted emotions can be re-absorbed each time you climb back into your car unless you clear the old stressed memories.

I personally have used a sage smudge stick or loose dried white sage for over twenty years. The smoke from the sage is known to cleanse, purify then uplift the energy in any space, even your car.

It’s important to remove all clutter first before spending a good five minutes cleansing the glove box, under the seats and in the boot of your car with the sage smoke.

Depending on the stress levels in your car you may wish to do this at least once a month. Now that my children are older I generally cleanse with sage around twice a year or when I find myself getting agitated when driving.

An alternate to sage would be a space clearing mist that you can easily be bought in a good health food store.

2. Wipe the steering wheel and dashboard with lavender weekly:
The pure essential oil of lavender has proven calming qualities. All you need is a clean cloth that has been dabbed with a few drops of the essential oil lavender and then wipe it gently across the dashboard and around the steering wheel of your car. Lavender not only calms your nerves but is balancing and soothing. It subtly improves the quality of your emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

3: Oxygenate your car regularly:
Recycled air is not the healthiest and warm air in a car lacking fresh oxygen can make anyone feel grumpy. Even if its cold outside open the windows for a few minutes and bring an abundance of oxygen into the car.

4. Create happiness rules for your car:
It’s fun to do and firmly establishes your intention for calm in your car. Some things that have been done in the past; always bring your smile, use your quiet voice, imagine the car being surrounded by a huge happiness bubble, only play calming music and never disturbing news.

5. Have a roster for the front seat:
This was the biggest stress factor for our car. Being a Libran I had to create a system that was fair and one which my boys knew exactly whose turn it was on any given day in the front. This totally eliminated the fight for the front seat, instantly.

6.Replace the stressed memories with calm happy ones:
If your car has been filled with mainly stress in the past then start right now creating happy stress free memories. Get creative and think of games, activities or conversations that you could do and enjoy to start filling your car with joyful energy.

7. The three deep breathes ritual:
Think of this as an insurance policy. Its particularly useful if you are already stressed. Get into the habit of asking everyone in the car to take three long, calming and relaxing deep breathes before you start the engine. Keep doors and windows open so you can maximize the amount of oxygen being drawn into your body, lungs, bloodstream and brain. Imagine all stress, tension and worries leaving your body with each exhale.

8. Give your children a special calming crystal to hold:
My children love crystals. My youngest son sleeps with black tourmaline under his pillow to keep any bad dreams away (black tourmaline transmutes negative energies). Let your children choose their own calming crystal. You may even wish to keep a few crystals in the glove box. Any crystals in your car are always beneficial for uplifting the quality of energy.

9. Carry a small spray bottle of calming essential oils in your hand bag:
This is a potent daily or weekly calming habit. A couple of sprays into your car each day will add a continuous stream of nurturing energy into your car. When any outbreaks of arguments, yelling or frustration begin bring out your spritzer and spray the inside of the car. Simply add around 10 - 15 drops of mixed essential oils (of your choice) with water and pour into a spray bottle.

In case you are not sure which calming oils to use a friend of mine Jennifer Jefferies has written a book called Calm Kids. In the book she recommends a blend of vetiver, lime, lavender and cedarwood essential oils specifically for children. Jennifer says this blend helps scattered minds that can come with ‘go fast’ and ADD/ADHD children. I have personally always been addicted to vetiver as it has a very grounding and calming effect on me. It pulls me instantly back into my body when my head is scattered and rushed. This would also be an excellent option to wipe on your dashboard and steering wheel.

10. Play the Blue Danube - Proven to calm fatigued and stressed bodies
I recently was very pleased to discover that by playing the blue danube it has scientifically been proven to calm fatigued and stressed bodies. What a wonderful energy to fill our bodies and our cars with. You are welcome to read my recent article called A Simple Solution for Overburdened Nerves which talks about this in a little more depth.

11. Clear the clutter:
Clutter carries a low vibration of energy which in turn lowers your own energy levels. Clutter congests and blocks the free movement of air and energy in your car. Lighten the energy in your car by eliminating all that is unnecessary.

12. Pick a fresh flower or herb and place on dash board
I often pick a sprig from my holy basil (English) or Tulsi (sanskrit) bush at my front door. The spiritual, emotional and physical healing qualities of holy basil are amazing. Any flower or herb especially picked for the dash board of your car will lighten the load.

Thanks for reading my article, Carole.

Please visit my Wellbeing Toolbox which has been created just for you
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