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The refreshing NO!

Posted by Tamar F.

I worked with someone for a year that I joke about "took a year from my life!" I learned a lot that year, so I don't really feel like a year was stolen...BUT, that person was definitely toxic. It was time to move on. The person recently emailed me for us to work together again. I briefly considered the money I would make, until a friend intervened and reminded me of all the reasons I would be miserable. I took back my life! I wrote to the person -- "Thanks, but I'll pass." I feel so exhilarated! I did something for myself!
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Good for you. Yeah, I have a few people who are on my "I'll never work with them again list." Especially when I did a lot of consulting, I ran into a lot of jerks who did things that I just can't look past...ahh, you know, things like bouncing checks over and over again. What amazes me is how later some of these people call me up and want me to help them out with something, for nothing! I don't return those calls...
Congrats, Tamar. I've had lots of situations where I've worked with jerks, but I needed the money so I sacrificed my integrity for it. I think it's crucial to put your emotional health first and definitely set solid boundaries regarding who you are willing to work with.
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