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The Power of the Mind-Body Connection: Less Stress, Less Pain, More Freedom

Posted Feb 13 2009 11:31am
Hello everyone!  I am a Mind-Body Health Coach, and am excited to announce my upcoming FREE telecourse!  (If you can't attend, register anyway to get a free recording emailed to you).  Visit my blog for more information about the telecourse, and feel free to email me with any questions you might have. 
   The Power of the Mind-Body Connection: Less Stress, Less Pain, More Freedom
4 Steps to start using today!

Did you know that reducing your anxiety, stress, and tension can be the single-most powerful way to reduce pain?

    * It's not just theory, and it's not just one of those "New Age" ideas.  It's hard science.  

Maybe you've even heard your doctor mention this idea, but you have no idea how to translate the concept into action.

    * Mind-Body healing gives you the tools and knowledge to actually achieve stress-reduction and feel better mentally, emotionally, and physically.  

But it's not always easy to know where to start, and even if you've already begun investigating mind-body healing, you might be feeling overwhelmed, confused, or frustrated. 

    * Perhaps you've even implemented ideas from well-known Mind-Body experts like Dr. John Sarno, but aren't quite sure how to really make it work in your life, with your pain or health issue.

In my own life and in my work with clients, I boil the whole process down to 4 straightforward parts:

   1. Understanding
   2. Awareness
   3. Focus
   4. Persistence

In this telecourse, I will explain each step and give you easy-to-use tools.  You'll also learn the core concepts everyone needs to know about mind-body healing.  You'll learn the science behind it and the tools to make it work.  You'll find it simple to build on those to create your own personal mind-body plan. 

Find out:

   1. Why negative thoughts and emotions can result in physical pain.
   2. How to effectively address negative thoughts and emotions.
   3. Common issues that create roadblocks in mind-body healing.
   4. How to asses your personal issues and begin integrating the 4 steps into your life.  

There will also be a question and answer section, so email me with any questions you would like addressed.  I will be talking a little bit about my own experience with pelvic pain syndromes, but the class is really directed toward anyone with any kind of pain issue who wants to explore this mind-body concept further.   
Visit my blog to register and receive the phone number and access code. 
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