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The power of love

Posted Feb 08 2008 4:02pm 1 Comment

Here’s an interesting story about the healing power of love–even indirectly:

Once upon a time, a researcher at Harvard Medical School decided
to test the effects of thinking about love on the immune system.
To do that, he showed a group of students a documentary film
about Mother Teresa caring lovingly for the sick.

Before and after the students viewed the film, the researcher
tested each student and measured an immune antibody (immuno-
globulin A, or IgA) that fights infections like colds.

What did he find?

Immune function, as measured by the level of IgA, rose significantly in the students, even those who thought Mother Teresa was “too religious” or “a fake.”

That means that their bodies’ ability to fight off colds or other infections improved by viewing the film.

The scientist then duplicated this effect by asking students
simply to THINK about loving and being deeply loved by another

Think about THAT!

[Note: The researcher was David McClelland, PhD, and this story
is told by Larry Dossey in his book, Healing Words.]

Source: The Science of Being Well

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Interesting. I think the converse can also be true. I don't go out of my way to watch movies that are realistically violent. I don't mind "cartoon violence" or action movies, but those films that are too realistic about it are a downer. This is why I did not rush out to see "No Country for Old Men," even though it is now the Oscar winner. I will rent it but I need to be in the mood for something like that.
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