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The Perfect Bath

Posted Mar 15 2010 12:00am
For our very first launch post what better subject to write on than taking a perfect bath! To me there is nothing more relaxing than a hot bath, a glass of wine, some music and a book. It is an inexpensive escape into your own world of pampering and self-love. Many moms tell me they don’t even have the time for that; I say you need to make the time. If mommy isn’t happy no one is happy in this house. I tend to take my baths on Friday evenings; my husband plays with the kid after dinner and I set the stage for an evening of relaxation. Husband knows if I am relaxed and he gets the kid to bed then he is in store for a very good evening (wink wink).
If done right a good bath will engage all of the senses. The sense of smell for me is always the most important one to engage because it is the strongest sense and when we smell something it immediately goes to the limbic center of the brain. I do not use commercial bubble baths for several reasons; for one, they are full of chemicals that are not good for you and two, they usually contain synthetic scents and do not contain the healing powers of herbs and essential oils. I also think the ritual of creating your bath is part of the magic.
So gather up your favorite things and lock the door. This is my bath ritual including the herbs and essential oils used to create the most relaxed state of mind, body and spirit. First, I pour myself a glass of wine and set up my IPOD with the music I feel like listening to that evening. One of my favorite places to get relaxation and meditation is
Sounds True ; they provide both downloadable music and CD’s with hundreds of selections.  Then I get my incense ready, I like Copal incense. (To learn about Copal go to ) Then I light candles, I use scentless beeswax candles because they are non-toxic and I only use them for ambience not scent.
Next I put my herbs together in a bundle, I use muslin tea bags but you can put them in a washcloth and use a rubber band to keep them in. Using loose herbs is preferable because they have healing powers that benefit the muscles, skin, and nervous system. I use about a teaspoon of each of the following:
Lavender flowers for relaxation and as an antibacterial for the skin
Peppermint leave as a muscle relaxant
Chamomile flowers as relaxant
Calendula flowers as a skin soother
Rose buds - Sedative, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory
Passionflower - Calms Anxiety and relieves muscles tension
7.) Jasmine Flowers - One of the most powerful aphrodisiacs know to man. In India this is the sacred flower of Kama the God of Love and just invokes memories of the Kama Sutra. (avoid this if pregnant or breastfeeding)
If only you could smell this!

Once I have my herbs ready in their pouch, I start the water for the bath. I throw the herbal pouch in the water; add a cup of Dead Sea salt for additional muscle relief and to detoxify the body through the skin. Then I add some almond oil and evening primrose about three tablespoons, this will moisturize the skin but beware the tub could get slippery. Lastly I add my essential oils, try to get 100% therapeutic grade organic essential oils. I add different oils for different purposes. I will list the oils I use to enhance the romance for when your bath is done, or if you want to do a couple bath. Use about 3 -5 drops of each.
Ylang-Ylang -aphrodisiac
Sandalwood - aphrodisiac and meditative oil
Geranium - stimulates the psyche- be careful this one promotes fertility

There are several more oils I will use in addition but this is a good start for someone who does not have a whole collection of oils on hand. My favorite source for both the bulk herbs and essential oils is
Mountain Rose Herbs
they are all organic, of an extremely high quality, and reasonably priced.

Before I begin my bath, I dry slough my skin to remove dead skin, stimulate the skin cells and detoxify the body. Then get in your bath and take a trip to Nirvana!!! After I am done I moisturize my skin with almond, jojoba and evening primrose oils with various essential oils mixed in.
Please take the time to try this out, I promise you will not be disappointed and the relaxed state will last for hours. If you have any questions about the herbs or oils please email me at
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