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The nine disguises of energy vampires:

Posted Sep 11 2008 7:03pm

By Carole Fogarty

Detox and de-stress: A regular feature:

Energy vampires or energy thief’s come in all shapes, sizes, disguises and circumstances. They can appear anywhere, anytime when you least expect it sucking, stealing, draining and zapping a stream of energy from your body, mind or soul leaving you flat, wiped out or exhausted. Sometimes their influences are so subtle that you don’t even notice them until it’s too late. Wham, you’ve been “got” by another energy vampire.



To live and grow younger with extreme well being in today’s world you must be proactive, expand your awareness and become extremely conscious of:

  • first valuing your own energy

  • then nurturing and refueling your own energy

  • then protecting your own energy

Energy is simply the substance that is the essence of each thought, emotion, action and activity. If you don’t value your own energy reserves then you are not valuing that which allows you to live.

The BIG question you need to ask yourself now is:

Are you living with?

  • full energy

  • ¾ energy

  • ½ energy

  • below empty energy?


Hey, who took my energy!

You can’t see energy depletion happening, there’s no warning signal that goes off saying “energy alert” “energy alert”. We generally don’t notice we are tired until after the energy draining moment or when we are on holidays or when we are ill or at the end of the day or week or even just as we get into bed when we allow ourselves to slow down, rest and relax.

If you are serious about maintaining great energy levels then it’s an absolute must that you begin to notice one small step at a time when, where and how energy vampires are taking your precious energy reserves.

Say NO to energy vampires today. It’s only a choice away.

By making simple and very aware choices throughout your day I guarantee you can transform overtime your personal energy levels. No more quick fixes or pick me ups needed here.

All you need to do is add the habit of consistency to your life, nothing more and nothing less. Be consistent in your “ look out and avoidance” of energy vampires and reap the rewards with fabulous energy levels.

Imagine becoming energy efficient with your own body. Imagine preventing energy being unnecessarily stolen from you on a daily basis.

Who and what steels your energy anyway?

Following are a list of possible suggestions. Please note however that everyone is different. What drains and depletes you may be different for someone else. This list is meant as a starting point to expand your awareness and to allow you to decide for yourself which suggestions are definitely zapping energy from you either big time or in small grabs.

1. People:

Yes, there are people you encounter throughout your day that may mean well but afterwards leave you feeling totally drained. It may be family members, close friends that are always into drama, work colleagues or even children. With any relationship there has to be a balanced exchange of energy. If you have friends that are always taking and never giving then perhaps they are not true friends. Become more aware of who in your life is steeling your energy repeatedly and begin to limit your exposure to them if this is an option for you.

2. TV and Media:

You can wake up in the morning feel great then Wham! Turn on the television and in an instant feel totally deflated by a piece of news you have just watched. TV can act like a poison in your life. TV the majority of the time fills your personal living space with unwanted vibes and energy, creating a constant stream of noise pollution, directly impacting and effecting your moods and emotions which link to your energy levels. Reduce TV and eliminate stressful draining programs. Notice with care how your body responds when watching certain shows. Are you being filled with anxious, stressed, fearful, sad or drama energy when watching certain shows?

3. Mental Stress and worry:

Yes, you can certainly drain your own self of energy by unnecessarily creating stories in your mind of fear, stress and worry. These rather unsupportive human emotions can deplete your energy levels in an instant particularly if they occur daily in life. Install affirmations into your daily habits to over ride any predominant stresses and worries.

If you visit Louise Hay’s web site she will provide you with a different affirmation each day.

Her affirmation for today is

“My future is bright and beautiful.”

4. Public places:

I personally don’t like large crowds, busy shopping centres and hectic places. They seem to confuse me in an instant and definitely zap my energies. I focus on shopping as often as I can at farmers markets and limit my moments spent in shopping centres.

5. Clutter, mess and disorganization:

Things filling your home which are unwanted, unloved, broken, not used, too small, expired or kept out of guilt all keep pulling your energies to the past and create a heaviness in the atmosphere in your home draining you of energy. Simplify your home. You are welcome to read simple solutions when you just can’t shift your clutter.

6. Toxins in our food, water and air supply:

This in itself is a huge topic and something I will be dedicating numerous articles to in the future. Toxics from pollutions, heavy metals, carcinogens etc put stress on our bodily functions, organs and immune system wasting unnecessary energy and depleting our immune system. Be mindful of the chemicals and additives in your food, drink filtered water and buy fresh and organic food where possible.

7. Electromagnetic Radiation:

Long periods spend near high levels of electromagnetic radiation can easily deplete your energy levels and at the same time compromise your immune system. It’s particularly beneficial to your health and energy levels to reduce the amount of electrical appliances in your bedroom particularly around your bed head area. Take note of what is the other side of your bed head wall as well. Radiation from electrical appliances can travel 6 – 8 feet easily. I have found in the past with a machine I use to measure these levels microwaves even when not in use but turned on emit up to 8 feet radiation. Ekkk!

8. Noise pollution:

We often don’t realize how noisy our cities and world is becoming. What sounds are constantly filling your home and office? What sounds are you exposed to on a daily basis that are subtly draining you of energy. There pleasant nourishing sounds that sooth your soul, fill your heart with joy or top with up with good vibes. Then there are the sounds which grate on your nerves, irritate and create stress which depletes your energy reserves. Fill your office and home with a continuous stream of beautiful sounds that sooths your soul.

9. Boring household chores:

Perhaps there are some jobs that just the thought of drain you of energy. Is it cleaning the house, washing the car or mowing the lawn? Whatever household chore that drains and depletes your energy simply pay someone else to do it. Problem solved and energy saved.

Thanks for reading this article.

Peace, love and an abundance of energy to you all, Carole

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