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The Meadow-Black Diamond Flake Salt Review

Posted Sep 09 2010 3:00am
I love to cook, and about 6 months ago I was introduced to the wonderful world of finishing salts. Salts go way beyond table salt or even basic sea salt. They come from the sea, volcanoes, and all sort of other earthy, salty places. There are hundreds of them and I have been slowly working my way through sampling different salts in my cooking.

Salt, can sometimes get a bad health rap, believe me I know, I have high blood pressure and a salt addiction. The beauty of these finishing salts is 1.) They are highly concentrated and have a more complex flavor ;therefore you actually use less salt when cooking and 2.) these salts contain all sorts of other minerals necessary for our bodies and 3.) they are just plain tasty. The name finishing salt is exactly what it means, you put a few sprinkles on a finished dish to add the complexity of flavor.

I was recently introduced to a vendor through Open Sky called At  the Meadow. At the Meadow is a store in Portland Oregon that specializes in salts, chocolates and wines. They graciously sent me a sample of their Black Diamond Flake Salt., which is hand harvested in Cyprus and is a wonderful finishing salt for pastas, soups, and veggies. The moment it arrived I plucked a little out and tasted it, and I was in heaven. It was complex, not too salty and earthy. I have been using it almost everyday and now my son requests “the black salt” on all of his food. It provides a lovely color presentation on foods as well. I cannot wait to try more salts from them.

I have enjoyed it so much that I am now selling it in my OpeSky shop and if you love to cook I highly encourage you to give this a try.

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