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The Juicy Monthly Update and Yoga Dvd Winners:

Posted Sep 28 2008 2:19pm

By Carole Fogarty

Editor of  Rejuvenation Loungeand facilitator of Women’s Rejuvenation Retreats:

Monthly Update:

Awesome affirmation: “My life gets more fabulous everyday” Louise Hay.


  • Winners of the June yoga dvd give-away
  • My July focus list
  • Most popular articles for June
  • Monthly Rejenvuation Circles start in August on the Gold Coast
  • You asked for it. Chai tea, chai ice cream and chai milk shakes.


photo by therealsparkplug


How Often Did You Put Yourself First In June?

How did you go with putting yourself first for the month of June? What little or big changes did you make? I know I personally re-introduced some lovely daily habits back into my life. I’m loving my 5 minute morning self massage with warmed sesame oil. The rejuvenation benefits of this Ayurverdic practice are awesome not to mention the warm fuzzy feelings it gives you. As I massage my body each morning I repeat “Every cell in my body is loved and healthy”. And no, I don’t smell like Chinese food. Cold pressed organic sesame oil has a really subtle smell. I’m also feeding my body through my skin as organic sesame oil has a power house of nutrition.


Monthly Rejuvenation Circles Starting August On The Gold Coast, Queensland:
Due to lots of recent requests I will be starting up monthly rejuvenation circles here on the Gold Coast in Australia. They will start in August. The 2 hour gatherings will include vibrational medicines, strengthening your aura, chakra balancing, hand yoga, meditation, yogic breathing techniques and lots more. If you live locally and would like to be on my rejuvenation circle email list please email me your address:

Sorry if you don’t live locally but there’s always the f ive day womens rejuvenation retreats in Bali for 2009.


Chai tea, it’s healing ingredients and more:

Had quite a few requests asking how I make my chai tea and which chai teas do I buy. I will write a short post this month but in the meantime you may wish to read a past article I wrote last year on chai tea which includes recipes for chai tea ice-cream.


My July Focus List:

Following is where I am keen to direct my energies for the month of July on a personal and creative level.

  1. Continue with 10 minute daily self massage of warm organic sesame oil.
  2. Studying, researching and practicing more on yoga nidra. They say one hour of yoga nidra is equivalent to four hours sleep.
  3. Enroll in teacher training program for the five Tibetans. I love simple, and this is a simple rejuvenation Tibetan rejuvenation practice for anyone, any age.
  4. Will be starting in August monthly rejuvenation evenings right here on the Gold Coast in Australia. Have lots of great ideas planned.
  5. Reading novel Slummy Mummy (as opposed to yummy mummy) compliments of penguin USA. Very funny so far, a bit like Bridget Jones with kids. I’ll have a few books to give-away in August.
  6. New haircut, new style, new look. I’m needing a change.
  7. Walk to local shops allot more and perhaps even buy a vespa.
  8. Trying new morning ritual following the Chinese Medicine inner qi cycle. 5.00 - 7.00 a.m large intestine/colon. Get up, drink water, evacuate bowels, stretch, meditate, exercise: 7.00 a.m till 9.00 a.m stomach. Be sweet to yourself, eat breakfast, arrive, become real: 9.00 a.m till 11.00 a.m spleen. Act, make decisions, work hard, think, communicate and achieve. I am following a series of workshops by Jost Sauer.



Most popular articles for June:

1 - Stop throwing away your energy and start rejuvenating

2 - The ultimate rejuvenation recipe for your bedroom:

3 - Allow yourself to live more gently:

4 - It’s time to turn your back on the world and rejuvenate:

5 - Five rejuvenation questions you need to ask yourself:

6 - Make friends with an affirmation:

7 - 10 rocking rejuvenation tips to grab on the run for June:


Huge Response To June’s Monthly Give-Away:

A huge response to Junes monthly give-away which attracted over 50 entrants so thank you to everyone who put their hand up for a copy. I’m also guessing I should write more articles about yoga. Remember there will be another healthy living give-away this month so stay tuned, it has a twist.

A big thanks again to Kym who graciously offered her dvd to you, my very special readers. You can visit Kym’s web site here and see a short video of her class.

Drum roll please. The lucky five winners are:

1: Jan Renwick

2: Desly Gilbert

3: Laura Iriarte

4: Lightening

5: Kim

All winners will need to contact me personally with their details so I can forward their prize onto them:


Good luck with this months dare and many thanks for reading my article. Peace, love and chai tea, Carole

Join me on my next exclusive Womens Rejuvenation Weekend Retreat in Bali 2009. Accommodates 8 women.


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Rejuvenation Tips To Grab On The Run:

10 Rocking rejuvenation tips to grab on the run from June:

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