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The Imperfect Run

Posted Feb 09 2010 12:00am
I haven't updated in a while, and I apologize. I ordered my powercord, so I should be back online soon (this doesn't guarantee daily updates, but it certainly makes it easier). I was so excited about my training in my last entry. I'm finally back at that point in my training where just "getting my run in" just isn't enough. I ran 53 miles last week, and felt GREAT! I even started to feel excited about running a half marathon... I had to take my brother to a bike shop, and while I was there I could not resist the temptation (and the offer to use some of his store credit on me) and I bought some arm warmers. This eliminates some confusion about what to wear in a long race in late March!

So, you get it, I was excited. I've been SOOOO consistent! Two weeks ago I had some minor shin pain, and tightness in my right leg that worried me a little bit, but that has completely subsided... so when I started running Monday afternoon, I felt like I had a totally new body! I was so happy that I handled the increase in mileage so well! I felt perfect!

... That is, until 20 minutes into the prescribed 45 minutes. All of a sudden, out of no where, I had sharp crippling pain in my calf muscle on my left leg. It felt like a foot cramp in my leg... So, I hoppled a bit, stretched, tried to loosen it up... and eventually ended up bagging the rest of the run and cutting it to 35 minutes. I was upset, but thought that if I cut it short, I could nurse it the rest of the night and it would loosen up enough to get my workout in yesterday.

It felt loose all day... only "hurt" (aka: felt tightness) a tiny bit to walk... and even during my warm up it was manageable... I had a track workout: 9 x 300m at a pretty slow pace (62), and thought that the track would feel better because the surface. I was wrong... As soon as I tried to pick it up the pain was shooting... so I went back home. When I got home I thought I'd try out the eliptical that my dad has and see if I can do the workout there just to get my cardio a workout... but that wasn't happening either. I totaled 4 for Monday and 4 for Tuesday... and it's unlikely I'll get a full 65 in today considering school was canceled due to snow. I plan on walking to the gym, (1/4 mile away) trying it out for 10 minutes on the treadmill... and if it hurts I'll get in the pool.

I know it's not anything serious... and I know that I made a resolution to run only 10 minutes a day (unless injured or sick... which I'm kinda both... definitely fighting something), But I had no intention of ONLY doing that. Only 10 minutes just doesn't seem like enough. I'm in a groove now, and I want to keep it going!

It's bound to happen with the cold weather, increased training, and shoes that are at the end of their life... but I'm upset that it happened right when I got into it, and right before the Bradford Valentines Race! I don't want to do a track race right now (because indoors totally messes me up)... and since I did the Bradford race while I was in my best condition... I would have a good time to gauge myself against and see how I'm doing... Not to mention, a lot of people on my team are doing it so it will be fun! :) and I enjoy any excuse I have to see my favorite person ever! (and he probably wouldn't admit it, but he likes my excuses to see him)

Hopefully it will loosen up before then, and I can just consider this a taper... or something?

The one good thing about not finishing the workout was that I had time to replace my terrible windshield wipers (just in time for the snow!) and get a much needed hair cut. Not a big change for me, but the split ends are gone! :)

Now before I go to the gym I have to do some serious do some stretching, icing, elevation, heating, massaging, foam rolling... Whatever it takes! so that hopefully I can get in something later... I just don't want to do more damage.

I'm not quite injured, and I'm not quite healthy, so I'm not exactly sure what to do! What do you do at times like these??
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