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The Emotional Side of Healing

Posted Sep 20 2010 7:14pm

We are privy to a wide range of emotions on any given day. It is not realistic to only feel emotions such as joy, happiness, and optimism because emotions exist on a spectrum. At one end of the spectrum exist the more uplifting or lighter emotions that we love feeling and on the other end of the spectrum lie the heavy or darker emotions you might rather want to sweep under a rug. We can’t avoid the darker emotions any more than we can stay on the happy train all the time. Don’t get attached to the cycle you are currently in. Know that this too shall pass and in the meantime, the key is to feel these emotions, no matter what they are, but with the intention of releasing them and moving forward. The thoughts that you think, accompanying the release of the emotions, are equally important. If I am feeling sorry for myself and cry while thinking the thought, ‘this person caused me to feel poorly about myself; they hurt me and that is not fair’, feeling the emotion in this situation is not going to make me feel better, more empowered or hopeful that I will have a better feeling state soon. Coming from the standpoint that you are a victim holds you in a lower vibrational state that does not make you feel good. Conversely, if I express sadness and the thought is, ‘I am unhappy that I have chosen to have a perspective that limits me and causes me to feel sorrow. I want to view things from a different perspective next time so I don’t feel like a victim in my life.’ This is a much more empowered state for you to come from and you will feel better from releasing those negative emotions in the moment. Anytime you feel negative emotion it is safe to feel it; you want to feel it and release it in that moment versus holding on to it and storing it in your body. That way it will not do damage to you. Negative emotions held chronically in the body can promote a more inflammatory state in your body. So, what do you do if you are feeling negative emotions chronically? There are a few things you can do. Firstly, ask yourself if you can view the situation from a different perspective. One thing I always ask myself is, ‘what is this situation in my life trying to teach me?’ ‘How is it benefiting me?’ If you see that there is a positive benefit to you then you will feel better about the situation. When you can see that there is always two sides to any situation then that can offer you a new and different perspective. You see that things are not so black and white and choose to view things from a different perspective. This will shift your energy so you feel better.  I also ask myself, ‘how am I like the person that is currently pushing my buttons?’ Generally, you will not react to something unless you disown it in yourself. John Demartini wrote the Breakthrough Experience which elaborates more on this process.

Healing at the emotional level takes courage because often when you have some insight with regards to situations or interpersonal relationships that you find challenging in your life, you may see that you might need to change some things about the way you behave as well. Healing requires you to look at your stuff that may be clouding your vision and preventing you from viewing things from a different perspective. It is never easy to look at yourself with  unglaring honesty. But that is what healing requires. Look at yourself in the light. Take responsibility for yourself, your emotions, your shadow but look with a compassionate and somewhat detached eye. View your life from a spiritual perspective; a higher vantage point. Healing is challenging work but if you look at yourself with love and self acceptance, the path gets easier as you move along… We are all imperfect, trying to live a human life with the ultimate goal of becoming more whole. Healing at the emotional level will help you do that more consistently. It will help you move up the vibrational scale to more positive states of emotion. More on the emotional side of healing  next time…

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