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The Dalai Llama visits Toronto - an inquiry to World Peace, and exploring "Inner Science"

Posted Oct 22 2010 3:56pm
A Nobel Peace Prize winner and International Icon the Dalai Lama commanded such incredible presence at this evenings gathering. This Friday October 22nd, 2010 marked the second visit of the Dalai Lama to Toronto, opening to the hum of 7 fully garbed Lama's, an air of intense presence filled the Rogers Center, as a full house of attendees provided a standing ovation to welcome the powerful simple monk of nothing to stage.

His infectious laugh, and straightforward way of speaking, you could clearly see, resonated within all those that attended, bringing some through his kind words, to tears. The Dalai Llama's message of peace was simple, future peace depends on the education of our current youth in the "art of Dialogue" from Childhood to University. The next key subject to be aware of is the unity of all on this planet and shifting from a "Them" and "Us" mentality to one of all of Humanity as "We" - this includes an openness in all religions to accepting of each other, as essentially all of us are searching for the same thing... Happy Life. This is the vision that he provides to us as a path to attain a community of humans living in harmony together, striving for personal growth.

The message is always clear - he doesn't want you to follow any dogma, or way of thinking that he has developed. The Tibetan way has always been in evolving the study of the human mind and mental suffering, and for compassion towards all people - the Dalai Llama makes it very clear, to find this compassion in whatever religion, or organization you belong to, and see the benefit of positive action, and the negative effects of negative action.

(I shot this image in Dharamsala's Main Temple, home to the Dalai Lama)

I had the honor of being at the Dalai Llama's hometown of Dharamsala as he addressed a Korean group of monks on the arts of Tibetan Meditation and Philosophy. From this I learned that he always has a deeper meaning associated with his teachings, for those in attendance to search deep within themselves and develop an awareness of who they truly are. The message he always says to society, and this Friday evening was no exception is "Explore your inner, with practice and dedication". Followed by a number of powerful examples from Stanford & Emery University, and the extremely successful study of "Inner science", neuro-plasticity (proven ability to develop our brain through meditation and mindfullness actions throughout our lives), and the large shift happening in the scientific community of studying the detrimental effects stress on our physical health. It turns out stress, fear, anger eat away at our inner body - the toxins and acids produced in excess during these states actually eat away at immuno balancing cells within our body, causing a susceptibility to sickness and ph level that is out of harmony.

What was received very warmly was the powerful sense of hope that he so adamantly ensured. Stating that studies have shown that society has achieved a state where all comforts are provided, technology is eliminating hunger and our need for violence and suppression. This is leading to a movement, scientific and sociological, towards finding something that Material value cannot provide - Inner value... the ability to achieve a state of piece of mind.

He will be touring the city for the whole weekend, and teaching a seminar in compassionate and mindfulness on Sunday - If you wish to learn more about Tibet, I highly recommend to visit the Tibetan Canadian Cultural Centre at 40 Titan Road Toronto

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