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Thank you God for my normal and boring day

Posted Jan 15 2009 6:25pm
Since I posted last, yesterday morning, I have learned of two different friends and the sudden 'monkey wrenches' that have abruptly been thrown into their lives. A family who has already suffered great loss recently has learned that their patriarch is riddled with cancer and the outlook isn't so good... another family dazed and bewildered by the news that their teenage daughter is pregnant...

In a fraction of a second, your version of normal can be turned upside down.


My Mom used to advise me to never go to bed angry; start every day and end every night with a kiss... I remember standing in the kitchen of the house I grew up in and having her shake her head in an attempt to somehow block out something she was angry about, and saying, "Casey, you must pick and choose your battles... some are just not worth fighting"...

My Mother was a wise woman.

In the big picture that is my life, I don't want to waste the precious moments being angry that I'm forever picking up toys or that I must conjure up another meal for my family. I don't want to stay holed up in the house because it's a little chilly and waste one moment of the beautiful sunshine... I don't want to spend another minute of my life wishing it were any different than it is at this very instant, because as I've seen lately, it sure could be. It can, and probably will, change when I am not ready or prepared for it and I want to enjoy 'normal' for as long as I can.

Our lives are precious. Our simple, relatively healthy, relatively boring and non-eventful lives are blessings. I am grateful for each day I've been given and I don't acknowledge my gratitude nearly enough. I'm going to start today; better late than never, right?

Daily Gratitudes:
1. My son is healthy and happy.
2. My daily phone conversation with my Dad that means so much to me, keeps us close even though we're far apart.
3. My husband that shows us through his example how much we can pack into each day.
4. The beautiful place that I live that makes me feel as if I'm closer in proximity to God being surrounded by nature and animals.
5. My health

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