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Thank goodness its Monday morning.

Posted Dec 02 2008 2:49am
Ah... Monday morning. Routine. Schedules. My life.

Its not all rosy, mind you... we're not totally back to normal. I still have David's parents visiting until tomorrow night, but the dozens of houseguests have returned home. It was great to see everybody, however, next time I hope they all don't decide to come at the same time. That part was alittle difficult to manage, but I did survive (albeit just barely)!!

Today is December 1. 24 days until Christmas and of course, I have not purchased a present, have not pulled out the tree, and have not stopped for one moment to consider what our holiday plans might include. Truthfully, I'm hoping for a quiet holiday with few presents and an abundance of charity. On Natasha Becoming Something (her blog is linked in the right hand margin) that I read frequently, one of her commenters talked recently about their family tradition of receiving gifts... it wasn't a huge, obnoxious gift exchange but just "something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read". I thought that was so great. Will be stealing that idea here, I think.

I really want to put my nose to the grindstone and get some work done around here with our businesses. Things have been really moving in an exciting direction and I don't want to lose any headway. I have so many things to do and try, but never quite get everything accomplished. I am looking forward to the house and the ranch calming down this week so that I can really make some headway with all of my projects.

This is just a ramble but I needed it. Just some typing to calm my nerves, to 'think out loud' and just let my fingers dance on the keyboard. Its therapeutic for me. What do you do when you need some downtime? Watch TV? Go for a run? Play the piano? I used to play the piano for hours and hours at a time and hash out my thoughts as my fingers flew up and down the keys. Since becoming a self-proclaimed 'computer geek', I don't play my piano as much anymore and the only keys I touch are my laptops, but the outcome is the same. I type and it soothes my thoughts, invigorates my senses, and I find that new ideas blossom.

Must get started on my day. Little D is at school and pickup will arrive before I know it!
Have a great December 1!
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