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Taking Teaching to the Next Level

Posted Sep 12 2008 4:28am


Dr. Martha Eddy and Lesley Powell’s mission is to help teachers to the next level of teaching. The next level of teaching is understanding the body, how people learn and having tools to motivate your clients in new ways.

Movements Afoot brings together workshops for trainers to have a deeper understanding of the body, introduction to unique body therapies/systems such as Bartenieff Fundamentals, BodyMind Centering and Laban Movement Analysis.

Students will learn to carefully observe and accurately describe movement, and how to integrate anatomical, physiological and neurological information into movement protocols. We will review the importance of the bones in initiation, and how the muscles interact in specific movements. This program also includes a bodymind approach by exploring “internal support” - how the organs and the other autonomic body systems affect posture and movement habits. Once observations are made hands-on and movement techniques for enhancing core support at this deeper level are shared. Teachers learn when to direct their attention to muscles, organs, glands or fluids to get the most meaningful results.

Using Laban’s theories of how the body moves 3-dimensionally in space, the importance of the balance of stability/mobility for every action,
Bartenieff Fundamentals and biomechanics, students gain a more profound understanding of how to move the body with efficiency.

Throughout the training we apply the principles of biomechanics, Laban’s and Bartenieff’s theories, and other body-mind principles to our movement practices, fitness training, Pilates, yoga, dance, wellness, etc. All participants will practice how to “train without strain.”


* Biomechanical principles of the joints and musculature
* Improving efficiency and increasing healthy functioning
* Dynamic stability to improve mobility
* 3-dimensional understanding of the whole body
* Practical applications to your teaching
And more!

Sunday and Monday courses are part of the required course of study for Soma II BodyMind FITNESS Certificate.
Monday classes are led by Dr Martha Eddy, exercise physiologist, motor learning specialist and former presidentof the International Somatic Education and Therapy Association ( She is director of the Center for Kinesthetic Education

Join us on weekends for Soma I throughout the fall to learn the basics and get a taste!

  • Fundamentals of Fitness (Bartenieff work)
  • Evolution of Fitness (Motor development)
  • Body-Mind Fitness Coaching (LMA)
  • Functional Anatomy and Physiology (BodyMind Centering)

Become a leader in the greatest approach to fitness - addressing the whole person through an intelligent fitness program: Body-Mind Fitness.

Learn more at Movements Afoot (212) 904-1399

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