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Taking Part in Marvelous Monday

Posted Oct 08 2012 11:30am

I’ve seen this badge around the blog world for a few months but had no clue where it started…

That is until I clicked on it [duh] and got linked back to Healthy Diva Eats !  I started following Katie on Instagram a few weeks ago and I am slightly envious of her cool style, tasty eats, and sweet treats!

[click here to read more about Marvelous in my Monday]

Now only my first Marvelous Monday post…

Columbus Day…  I’m thankful to have a 3-day weekend!  Saturday and Sunday I spent time with friends exploring DC [yay, pickles] and getting pampered at the nail salon [ Pinterest inspired].  Today I plan to finish all the to-do’s that didn’t get done-  baking, cooking, cleaning, switching from one white iPhone to another [aka my birthday present has arrived!], and sneaking in a sweat session.

Pancakes…  I cannot stop making pancakes for breakfast- they’re fluffy, full of flavor, and keep my tummy satisfied until lunch.  What’s not to love?!  This morning I tested a new recipe and it turned out pretty tasty!  P.S.  They’re not burnt, they’re brown because they’re whole wheat and they’re loaded with cinnamon!

Charlie…  He has not stopped hiding his bone .  His favorite secret spots include: behind the couch pillows, in my gym bag, behind the dresser, under any table, and behind the curtains.  He’s so silly- he’ll run off and hide the bone for .2 seconds and then runs back to get it.  Separation anxiety is in full-force!

Blog…  I am *hoping* to make a few big decisions about the blog this week.  I’ve been in debating it for the past few weeks and need to decide.  To self-host or not to self-host?  That is the BIG question!

Instagram…  I know some people think it’s silly but I think it’s awesome- a fun way to edit and share photos with family, friends, and some strangers!  I relate it to Pinterest, except it’s a personal pin board full of silly, stylish, tasty, and memorable pictures from your daily happenings :)   P.S.  Feel free to follow me: lifesabowl.

…such as when the gym is offering free car washes when you sign-up for a new membership!

…or you try beets for the first time and eat a rainbow for lunch!

…or your hubby surprises you and goes to the gym too- couples who sweat together smell together!

Baking and Cooking…  This afternoon I’m planning to spend a few hours in the kitchen.  On the menu: pumpkin pie peanut butter cups and pumpkin quiche !  I’m a bit of a pumpkin fanatic [especially in the fall] if you couldn’t tell.

Operation Beautiful…  This month I am participating in Lindsay’s October Photo A Day Challenge .  One of the challenges last week was to leave an Operation Beautiful note- I left my note in the frozen foods aisle at Whole Foods !  Thinking that a random person would find my note was initially a bit overwhelming, “What if they think it’s silly?”  Those thoughts were quickly overpowered when I thought about finding a note myself…  We all have those kind of days when we could use a little pick-me-up!

***Feeling inspired, I have decided that every Monday I will write 5 motivational notes and post them at work, out at lunch, at the gym, wherever I am!***

[click here to read more about Operation Beautiful]



Question:  If you blog, any tips for making the switch to self-hosting?!

Question:  Will you join me in my Operation Beautiful challenge?  Don’t feel obligated to do it on Monday if another day of the week works better for you…  Feel free to post a note today, sometime this week, or next Monday and link back!

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