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Take Yourself On A Date:

Posted May 29 2012 7:34pm

“Spending a little time alone each day simply allows me to feel connected to something greater than myself”  Carole Fogarty

Are you feeling disconnected from your true self ? Perhaps you’ve unknowingly drifted away from who you really are as you’ve been busy raising your awesome family or totally dedicated to your career.

Then here’s a fabulously simple idea.  Organise a weekly date with yourself so you can start reconnecting with who you really are –  your loves – your passions – your inspirations –  and above all else, what makes you shine brighter in this world.

You don’t need to spend money enrolling in a course or follow the rules of a “how to” book.  Simply listen to the callings of your heart (even if they are only whispers at the moment) and enjoy at least a couple of hours or longer each week doing what fuels you with the good stuff.

The important thing is your weekly date is ONLY for you.  No-one else.

It’s not about catching up with friends – it’s about you catching up with you. And re-discovering your joys, loves and passions.

What fuels your soul with the good stuff?

Book a massage, spend the afternoon in your favourite bookstore, go to the park to draw or just sit, or if you are anything  like me  nurture your inner francophile.

I’m taking myself off to a French film tomorrow and next week indulging in an exhibition -  Modern Women  Daughters and Lovers , drawings from the Musee d’Orsay, Paris.  Soaking myself in all things French fuels my soul with the good stuff.  I don’t know why, it simply does.

Afterwards I always, always  feel more inspired, more creative and have a sense of tapping into something greater than myself.  It’s a beautiful thing.  Often lots of great ideas and clarity comes to me.

Start by walking out your front door:

Have no idea where to begin for your first date! No problems.

Simply walk out your front door and let your legs take you wherever you need to go. Trust.  Trust that whatever you need to experience will pop into your head once you’ve closed the door behind you.

You may keeping walking or decide to hop in the car.  The choice is yours.  There is no right nor wrong. Allow the next few hours to unfold, organically without forcing, trying or pushing.  You will end up somewhere.

Artists date – Julia Cameron:

I’ve drawn my inspiration for writing this article from the awesome Julia Cameron and her book The Artist’s Way . For over 20 years Julia has been teaching and writing about the amazing life changing benefits of writing morning pages and taking yourself on a weekly artist date.

Over the years I’ve spent months writing morning pages – 3 pages of hand written notes that aren’t filtered, corrected or thought about.  The idea is to empty your head of the inner chatter so you can begin your day fresh and clear.   Believe me morning pages work.  I personally find them fabulous for connecting to something greater than myself.

I’m sure your local library will have a copy of   The Artist’s Way if you feel drawn to reading it.


What I’m  loving at the moment:

This workbook is the spine of the The Artists Way teachings by Julia Cameron.  It’s a 12 week course for re-connecting to your creativity.  Here’s a snippet of what you can expect.  Week 2  recovering your sense of identity.  Week 3 recovering your sense of power. I’ve found the  Artists Way Workbook full of inspiration and great reminders.


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