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Take time to stretch in those long hours at work

Posted by Nancy B.

Many people who spend long hours in their chairs at work experience tension headaches. Some simple stretches can help, according to This article from Copley News Service posted on the Web site explains how to effectively do a neck stretch and why it works.
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This is really important. Even though I do yoga and other physical activity on a regular basis, sometimes I forget to take breaks when I am working at the computer. I'm getting much better at being aware now...especially because I have a tendency to hunch over while I work at the desk.
I'm the same as Stephanie, actually. I tend to spend eight hours at a stretch at my computer, which has a tendency to cause a lot of lower back and shoulder tension in my body. Now, I make sure that I take at LEAST a five minute stretch break every hour, even if it means just going to my kitchen to fix myself a cup of tea. And at lunchtime, I make sure I get about 30 minutes of activity, deadlines notwithstanding.
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