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Sunday Morning Ramblings at 7am

Posted Nov 03 2008 8:47pm
Morning folks. Yes, its Sunday morning and only 7 am. Torture. I was hoping to sleep in at least for another hour, but a certain 4 ft someone began tickling my toes under the covers and got me out of bed!

As you can see, I changed the header on my blog. Fab Farm is my design company, and BwhoUR is part of that. I thought that the change was appropriate. In case you're wondering about that drawing in the center, its me with little D. I drew that 3 years ago when he was 2 and somewhat closer to the baby-size in the drawing. Its a pretty accurate drawing, except that I'm only that skinny in my mind (!), but its me on my laptop, with some cool cowboy boots (I will only wear cool ones), and working on my laptop with papers strewn around... On my desk sits a vase with Cala Lily's in it, my favorite flowers and an acknowledgment to my dog that shares their name.

Now that I have the blog in three columns, a lot of the photos I upload in large format won't be seen in the small center column. Hmmm... not sure what to do about that one. I may have to start a separate blog for photos only, and link them together. I'll keep you updated. The three column is an experiment, just like they all have been for me. I never can seem to stick with one, I'm not someone that can 'sit still'. Always changing things, and looking to make things different. This one was more of a challenge than anything else, since I had to go into the HTML and change things myself. I was alittle scared because I knew one wrong touch and I'd lose everything. Thankfully, it survived (well, except my widgets which I'm still hunting for).

So this post is nothing more than housekeeping, so forgive me. Tomorrow I'll tell you about Friday's run-in with the Game Warden and the fine that almost destroyed us!
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