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Summer Fire

Posted Jul 16 2011 6:51pm

Fire Lily

Summer is here!   Lots of bright sunlight and heat.  Summer is said to be the time of the FIRE element in Chinese 5 element theory.   It is the time of heightened self-expression, passion and being out in the world.   If you look at the lush vegetation and radiant colors of fully blossoming trees, shrubs and flowers you immediately get a sense of FIRE energy.   It’s like nature has fully expressed itself for all to see and marvel in its radiance.   This energy is characterized by a heightening of the senses, joy and laughter.   Interestingly FIRE energy is also associated with the Heart, which is said to house the Spirit or Highest Self within us.   It is with this expression of our Highest Self when we are truly present to our greatness.   You may have experienced this watching a great performing artist acting, dancing or singing in a way that completely mesmerized you.   Or perhaps you have experienced this yourself, not just in performing, but perhaps in some activity that just “lights you up”.   This tapping into the magic that is expression from our deepest spirit is the Divine Spark of FIRE.   Just as nature dazzles us with an array of blush pinks, ruby reds and deep violets, we too blossom when we find our natural expression to share with the world.   What’s your passion speaking through FIRE energy? 

To learn more about FIRE and all the elements read more on our blog.

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