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Sudden Sweat, Dizziness

Posted by hschaffner

Three months ago I was in a disco, had half a bee, I suddenly starting sweating profusely, got dizzy and black out for 2 minutes I was told, when I came to I could not see for 4 minutes or so then I felt fine as if nothing was wrong.  This past weekend, I had a glass of Red Wine, I had not eaten that day and only consumed one cup of coffee.  I got dizzy, and starting profusely to sweat, this time my legs and arms went tingling and numb, my lips then followed and the dizziness went away after 20 minutes and the sweating stopped in 5 minutes, but the tingling went on for hours.  I could not feel my arms or legs for this time period.  I do not drink regulary, only when I am out with friends.  I have drank alchol before never had this happen even if I did not eat that day.  I was not drunk.  I drank 12 glasses of water the second time this happend but I still was numb.  What is wrong?
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