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Stressing Over Murdoch Madness

Posted Sep 12 2011 10:00pm

Living in a world where technology evolves into more complex forms by the second is an incredible accomplishment.  Yet at the same time it can generate manipulation, corruption, and invasion of privacy, given we are all too aware of computer hacking, cyber bullying, and identity theft.  There has been a vast range of personalities behind such misdeeds so it is no surprise 

Rupert Murdoch

that our personal cell phones can be tampered with by Rupert Murdoch’s News of The World, a  Moghul Empire of the Media.


The Murdoch Scandal has crossed many levels of debauchery, and the outlook on journalism and media it leaves is repugnant and distrustful.

What does this mean for the victims’ families, the media, and the rest of us?  For those who lie at the suffering end, no apology, nor any amount of compensation can ever mend the emotional pain endured.  The media, once deemed trustworthy, will now come under greater scrutiny. The assumed wall of credibility between journalists and the general public has been severely damaged, leaving us to be the investigators and the formulators of our own truths.

We can either live in the distress created by the scandal or we can  take comfort in the fact that the scandal has been unearthed and in plain view—so diminishing the chances of such practices continuing.

Some may say such practices will in fact continue.  At Beyond Body Mind Spirit, we say, that’s up to us…each and every one of us.  We can choose to do nothing, or maybe moan and groan, or take action to create a change.  Giving yourself a choice enables you to decide how  to respond to such events and how you feel. And that’s the good news in this otherwise sad story.

Not convinced that there exists a glimmer of hope in view of all the commotion?  Then come join us.  Beyond Body Mind Spirit is an expert at helping individuals manage stress and the challenges  in life.

If the Murdoch Scandal has created any worry, fear, or anguish for you, we have the tools to restore your sense of calm and well-being and make it an enduring change in your life.

“Enjoy Healthy”
Michele Risa
Beyond Body Mind Spirit NYC

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