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Stressed? Transform it to a Productive Force

Posted Jan 17 2011 6:10pm

Stress in itself can be used as a stepping stone; it can become a creative, productive force. But through conditioning, family, society etc.  we’ve been taught that stress is bad, which creates within us a certain kind of anxiety, fear of stress when it arises. This anxiety and fear is a self fulfilling prophecy making the situation even more stressful.

Stress is simply an indication that the body is getting ready to fight with the situation. Our regular response is to “try” to relax, numb the impact through painkillers, or taking tranquilizers – all of which are going against the body.

When you go against your body and try to flux the current stressed state you are in – you are fighting a very tough battle. Come to the reality of the situation you are in and live your stress totally, and when you have done that – relaxation will naturally come – you can only go so far, then the body automatically relaxes.

Even if sometimes you can’t sleep in the night there is no need to be worried. Work it out, use that energy that is coming up: walk up and down, go for a run, go for a long walk, plan what you want to do, what the mind wants to do.

Rather than trying to go to sleep, which is not possible, use the situation in a creative way.

We know that there are two types of stress through clinical testing – one (the bad one) that releases catechlomines and cortisol, cortisol being the negative having devastating effects physically and psychologically – and the second (the good one) that releases only catechlomines.

It has been found that your mind-state largely determines when the eruption of cortisol is emitted and one of the key elements of it’s release psychologically is falling into the self-defeating state of anxiety and fear of simply being in the stressed state, and constantly dwelling about it.

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