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Stress, Your Health and the Economy

Posted Nov 05 2008 8:31am
Stress, Your Health and the EconomyThe economy appears to be on a downward spiral with the only thing increasing is your stress level. The additional stress can be unhealthy, resulting in weight gain and poor health choices. Many Americans allow stress to pressure them to overeat and snack on foods that aren’t good for them. Instead of channeling that stress into unhealthy habits, here are simple tips to keep fit without spending money.

Run, Walk, Bike!
You don’t need a treadmill to do cardio! Run or walk outside, in the park or around the neighborhood for a few minutes a day. These types of workouts can increase circulation and, with extra water, eliminates toxins. It also lowers blood pressure and can help reduce risk for heart disease. If you’re not a runner, ride a bike. Bicycle paths in communities and parks allow for a fun way to stay healthy.

A Chair Is Not A Chair

A chair can be used for more than just sitting. You can do squats by standing with your feet, shoulder width apart, arms out in front of you to keep your chest up and head and neck neutral. You should sit hips back and physically sit onto the chair, pressing down through heels and stand back up to beginning position. For more variations, you can also do dips and modified push-ups (if the chair is stable against a wall), even abs on the chair (sitting on the chair, hold the sides of the seat and raise knees up to chest pulling abs in (remember to keep breathing during these exercises).

Floors Ain’t Just For Walking

The floor is probably the most understated thing everyone has at home. Instead of walking all over it, try using it as an extension of your home gym. You can work out your abs with crunches, side-lying plank abs movements where you lie on one side, elbow underneath shoulder, top foot slightly in front of the other for balance. Raise hips up, hold for 5-10 seconds, then lower down. Repeat 15 times each side) and leg lifts to tighten up those muscles.

If you want a little more variation, try using a dry towel on a hardwood floor. You can use this like an ab roller where you’re on your knees with wrists under your shoulders, hands on the towel and stretch your hips as far forward as far as you can go, then reverse.

So don’t let the stress of the economy derive you from your fitness goals. Try these exercises at home away from a costly gym. Weight loss brought on by a regular exercise routine will help create a healthy lifestyle, weight loss, reduction in arthritis (through joint range of motion), and many that engage in exercise routine find a way to stop smoking.

Written by: Jennifer Cassetty

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