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Sons and Daughters not Orphans.

Posted Apr 12 2009 11:19pm

Parental Love

This was another great week of teaching, one of the highlights for me was further teaching on Adoption ( by Dave and Nancy Harper), by that mean how when an individual becomes a Christian they are adopted into God’s family. In society we see many people grow up with many problems from lack of parents or parents who do not know how to fulfill a loving parental role. From this we have so many people who are literally orphans or who have a orphan mentality:

  • I don’t really know who I can trust.
  • I’ll meet my own needs
  • No one will care for me. I need to make it on my own.
  • Let’s make a deal attitude. So often we say “this is unfair God I did this for you but this has happened to me!!!”
  • I don’t think I can make it or I am a failure or I fear that I’m a failure.
  • We seem to swing between the old son and the young son. Either backsliding and going the worldy way of Hedonism or swinging towards religiousness and legalism.
  • We need to get the middle point here of not backsliding or getting legalistic.
  • Often we compare with others, doubting God and feeling hard done by: orphan attitude.
  • In each area of family, friends and authority figures we can take on lies and plant a seed of something that’s not true from Gods perspective. A tree of lies about our identity that can begin to grow.

As we begin to better understand how God thinks of us as sons and daughters, we can begin to recognise some of these attitudes and begin to understand and deal with them, realising our true identities and removing the lies right out from the roots.

In Hebrew the word orphan means a fatherless child.-

1) had no name and no deep sense of identity

2) No inheritance/ squandered an inheritance.

3) No sense of belonging or protection.

Orphans also:

1) Out of self protection start focusing on the faults of others.

2) Start nurturing and holding onto disappointments and discouragement

3) Lack of basic trust for authority and family

4) Fear of submission

5) Closed Spirit (not vulnerable)- an extreme example of this self-mutilation is that someone feels so emotionally deadened, they cut themselves to feel alive.

6) Independent Spirit (hide/deny pain)

7) Control those around me

8 ) Superficial relationships- push people, away don’t let them in

9) Alone/Isolated

10) I can’t trust God. Continual testing those around them, see if they still love them.

11) Constant search for father, mother figure.

12) Spiritual orphans find false comforts i.e. addictions/possessions/power

13) Can’t receive guidance- becomes works based- exhausting.

Ask God to show you the orphan attitudes in your life, so with his help you can better understand your worth and identity, who you are made to be. He says in
John 14:18 “I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.

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