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Snowy Surprise

Posted Mar 25 2013 4:46pm

Hey y’all!  This morning we woke up this morning to a snowy surprise




The weatherman predicted that we could expect about 1-2 inches of snow but we got more like 4-6 inches…  Our office isn’t closed but I decided to use a personal day because the snow kept falling just until recently and the roads around us were a bit messy.  Call me a whimp, but I hate driving in the rain and snow!

Thanks Katie for hosting another marvelous link-up!

This weekend was definitely marvelous!  After work on Friday, I picked Ryan up at the airport – he was completely exhausted from meetings and traveling.  We kept it low-key and ate dinner on the couch and watched the movie Flight with Denzel Washington…  Such a sad story!

[ source ]

Saturday morning Ryan and I ran some errands and grabbed lunch at the Teet before heading downtown to meet my little [aka sorority sister].  We didn’t have any plans but it was a beautiful day so we wanted to take advantage of the weather.  After driving around Georgetown for almost 30 minutes trying to find a parking spot we gave up and decided to check out the Eastern Market .





After touring and tasting our way through the market we dropped my little off at her hotel and headed home before going to the gym.  Whelp, our meant to be quick pit stop turned into a longer than anticipated stop…  Ryan took Charlie out for a walk and by the time he got back inside I was knocked out cold on the couch – whoops!  An hour later I woke-up and went to the gym for a easy spin on the bike.


Sunday morning I slept in until 8AM and it felt absolutely glorious!  An afternoon nap and 10 hours of sleep…  My body evidently felt the need to catch up on the lack of sleep I got last week.  I piddle-paddled around our apartment and made a batch of salted caramel cereal pancakes for breakfast before meeting a girlfriend for a coffee catch-up at Starbucks.  I hadn’t seen her since Ryan and I got married and before we knew it, we had chatted for almost 3 hours!


After coffee, Ryan and I grabbed lunch and went for a run/ bike date – I ran, he biked.  Before his ankle surgery, Ryan and I used to have run/ skate dates but he’s traded his board for his bike for the time being…  I had 8 miles on the calendar but I really was not in the mood so we cut it short and called it quits halfway through.  There’s a difference between being lazy and truly needing a break.  Yesterday, I needed a break – both mentally and physically.



After swinging by TJ’s to grab some groceries for the week, we put together a quick dinner and plopped down on the couch to watch Zero Dark Thirty…  Wow, one word: intense.  It definitely was not my typical kind of movie, but I’d say that it was worth seeing.

[ source ]

Anddd now we’re back to today, a snow day – everyone loves snow days!  This morning I celebrated International Waffle Day with Van’s waffles for breakfast, did some spring cleaning [despite the winter weather], ran 4 miles on the treadmill, baked some peanut brittle cereal bars, and planning to log 4 more miles at the gym when Ryan gets off of work.  Unlike yesterday, today I don’t need a break and I’m antsy to run – it all eventually evens out in the end…  It has definitely been a marvelous and unplanned 3-day weekend!



P.S.  The winners are…  Natalie and Lindsey – congrats ladies!  Send me an email with your contact information and I’ll pass it along to The Good Bean .

The Good Bean Winners

Question:  What was marvelous about your weekend?

Question:  Have you ever made cereal or granola bars?  Feel free to link-up if you have a tasty recipe to share!

— Allison

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