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Snoring: An Anticlimax To An Otherwise Memorable Date Night

Posted Dec 04 2011 7:53pm

Snoring can be truly embarrassing, and I am speaking from experience. One time a girl I dated gave me a snoring pillow even though it wasn t my birthday. I remembered feeling happy and puzzled at the same time, for one it wasn’t my birthday, and second the gift insinuated that I was snoring Her smile was quite telling. I never knew that I snored until that time, and it was really uncomfortable hearing it from someone else. She smiled and explained to me that her sibling was also a snorer and she suggested that I give the snoring pillow a shot.

Thankfully the product worked. My girlfriend said to me that I was no longer as noisy during sleep. Then again, I was intent in eliminating the problem altogether. So I searched online for other snoring solutions that I could try. In my search for snoring cures , I stumbled upon websites that pointed out that being a few pounds over your ideal weight is a predisposing factor to noisy nighttime breathing From what I read, the excess fat around the neck can constrict my airway which in turn led to my noisy breathing during sleep. I signed up for a workout program in a fitness center downtown and adhered to an eating plan in an effort to shed extra pounds Going to the gym became an activity we did together, and we became more watchful of our intake as well.

I also discovered from reading several websites that my vices played a role in my raucous problem during sleep. The substances found in alcohol and cigarettes decrease the tone of the muscles supporting the soft palate and its surrounding tissues making them more likely to occlude my airway and cause snoring Having known that, I never drank alcohol four to five hours before going to her house and resisted the urge to do so whenever we are on dates. Also, I learned to cut back on my smoking habits.

This is by far the hardest snoring cure for me considering that I ve been a smoker for the last five years. But, the sacrifices were well worth it and as my girlfriend puts it, good boyfriends enjoy a lot more perks.

Another snoring solution I tried was to drink at least twelve cups of water per day to stay hydrated. It is believed that dehydration can make your nasal and throat discharges viscous, which also triggers a snoring episode Although every one of these remedies proved helpful for me, I reckon it is more advisable and to your advantage to go to your physician to rule out other possible reasons why you snore.

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