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Shooting pain from muscle of middle of upper arm as it attaches to the shoulder bone. Please see details for my question.

Posted by rjm1122

On my right upper arm, when I reach behind my back (as in tuck in my shirt) i get a shooting pain coming from the muscle area on the side of my shoulder bone.  I can almost feel the shoulder bone from where the pain originates.  The pain can then be felt going down the middle of the upper arm as it heads for the albow.  The pain has been there for most of the summer probably because it keeps getting strained and not allowed to mend.  Do you see a doctor visit in my future or just rest? :)  From the description, do you have an idea of the name of the muscle or tendon?
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The upper part of the long head of the Bicep has an unusually snakelike section that attaches to the top of the humerous which might be inflammed. It gets complicated though because the Deltoid, Pectoral and bicep all criss-cross at a point on the humerous just below the shoulder. I have similar pain and cannot find a clear diagnosis. I am going to find a sports medicine doc that knows how to test for and isolate the problem.  Sounds like you might want to do the same
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