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Setting New Year’s Intentions with regards to mind, body, spirit…

Posted Jan 01 2011 12:31pm

One thing that I do on New year’s is set my intentions for the upcoming year with regards to mind, body, spirit. Intentions feel less rigid than resolutions and can be revisited from time to time or expanded upon throughout the year…Starting with your mind, what could you intend for the new year? My intention is to stay focused on what I want and when my mind wants to tell me otherwise, when it is goes into fear and doubt, I remind myself that I have control of where I direct my thoughts and bring myself back to that positive place versus what I don’t want. I intend to be more clear in my life so that I am acting from a place of clarity versus confusion. Sometimes you don’t ask for what you want and hence it does not manifest. You need to spend the time to get clear on what you want. Consistency and persistence is key for me with regards to my goals. I want to trust more and believe that the universe is on my side supporting me to be the best that I can be. In terms of my body, I want to eat more variety in my diet. Every time I go grocery shopping I intend to put something in my cart that I don’t typically eat (eg. figs). That way I get more exposure to phytonutrients. I want to make all my sauces from scratch as they taste far better than store bought sauces if you take the time to make them. Gabriel Cousins book Conscious Eating is a good resource. I want to try different recipes and expand my culinary skills this year. I intend to continue drinking green smoothies daily and eat a more alkaline diet. I will emphasize good self care daily – regular exercise, H20, whole foods diet, sleep, breathing. I want to focus more on my skin – regular skin brushing to help with circulation/detox and moisturizing to restore. In terms of spirit, I commit to a daily spiritual practice -30 minutes- meditation and setting intentions for my day in the morning and a nightly spritual practice where I review my day (how did I do today – did I stay on track?, was I kind and loving for the most part or was my ego running the show?), prayers for myself and others and gratitude for the blessings I received that day. I want to open my heart more to the people around me and tell them how I feel about them on a regular basis. I want to continue to stay open to life, saying yes to new adventures and challenging my fears. These are a few of my intentions for the upcoming year. What are some of yours?

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