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September is...Action month

Posted Sep 01 2010 10:31pm


I cannot believe summer is almost over and the kids are back to school. What happened to 2010? Gosh, this year is flying. Next thing you know it will be the holidays again. Accckkkk.....

For some people September is a time for change. School starts. Leaves change colors and start falling. It's a new season and some people are really excited to make those changes in their life.

For me, September is Action month.  You know all of those ideas that have been brewing in your head for the past months and with the coming of fall, it is time to put those ideas into action.  It's time to get out of the hammock and engage with the world.  Don't let hear or old habits lock you in inertia.  Why not take charge and inspire others?  If your motives are sincere, any projects you launch are likely to have a real impact.

Set your intention

I am ready to assume the role of leader and be a force for change.  I can accomplish even more when I partner with others.

Practice:  Starting off Strong

Whether starting a new endeavor or just making an important phone call, prime yourself to succeed with an ancient Hindu mantra.  This one calls on Ganesha (Vinayaka), the elephant-headed god known as the remover of obstacles.  Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and chant the Sanskrit phrase Om Vinayakaya Namaha (Om Vee-nah-yah Kah-yah Nah-mah-hah).  Repeat 108 times, or set a timer for four minutes.

Project:  Announce Your Engagement

No, not that kind of engagement.  Social or political engagement.  Become active in local affairs, or on a wider stage.  Be willing to stick your neck out on critical matters.  Pick a cause you really connect with-an upcoming election, or the environment, or a social issue such as women's rights, animal cruelty, cancer care, or elder abuse.  Be a spokesperson for the change you want to see.

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