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Say Goodbye to Your Inner Mean Girl

Posted Aug 21 2010 5:00am
Take the Inner Mean Girl 40-Day Cleanse

Lindsay Lohan in “Mean Girls” was a pussycat compared to me in high school. As I grew older and went through a yoga teaching program I thought I expelled all of those self-sabotaging “Inner Mean Girl” traits, but as it turns out there are still some lurking. How do I know?
  • My first emotion that shows itself when I am fearful is anger.
  • I love to give up on things just before they are a success.
  • I still have some slightly addictive habits.
So when I was asked to become a Self-Love Ambassador and join the 40 Day Inner Mean Girl Cleanse I jumped on the chance to trade in 6 toxic habits for 6 self-loving habits. I hope you join me in the Cleanse and find a new you under all of the negative internal talk.

The most exciting part for me is that SARK…my hero is speaking on the launch call on August 25th, which just so happens to be the day I announce something special that also involves SARK.  

Here are the benefits and what is included in the 40 Day Inner Mean Girl Cleanse :

Through our work with women around the world, we’ve identified six of the most self-sabotaging habits your Inner Mean Girl (IMG) uses – and the corresponding self-empowering and self-loving habits your Inner Wisdom can use to beat her every time! Take this cleanse and you will:
  • Shift six of the toxic habits weighing you down (what’s possible without comparison, guilt and self-judgment?)
  • Release bad habits that block deeper female connections (we need each other to survive this crazy world!)
  • Pick up and strengthen habits that fuel you vs. drain you (who couldn’t use more good energy these days?)
And best of all, you will integrate these habits into your daily rhythm without having to put another to-do on your list. And, the IMG Cleanse is FREE! We believe so strongly that women want and need this shift that we are offering this 40-day cleanse for free for the first time ever.
How it Works &; What’s Included?
Just like any cleanse, you’ll receive expert guidance (Christine Arylo and Amy Ahlers – master coaches &; co-founders of Inner Mean Girl Reform School) that inspires and challenges you. In this cleanse, you will give up six self-sabotaging habits, one at a time over a six-week period and replace each one with a new, self-empowering habit.
By the end of the 40-days, you’ll have traded in six toxic habits for six self-loving habits following this super easy to follow program:
  • Wednesday: At the mid-week hump you’ll receive an email from us that includes 1. The toxic habit to give up. 2. The self-loving habit to replace it and 3. A short video blog for inspiration and information.
  • Friday: Get a hit of inspiration for your weekend, with a 60-minute conversation with the best of the best – super powered experts in the fields like the misrepresentation of women in media, self-esteem/self-worth/self-acceptance, the competitive reality among women & the new paradigm for women as supporters vs. shrews. The conversations will be taped so you can listen at your convenience.
  • Every day: Each week, within the weekly email, you’ll receive a short (less than 3-minute) suggested daily practice to do each morning to keep you grounded in your 40-day commitment to Stop Being So Hard on Yourself.
  • Bonus: Follow us on our Facebook Fan Page and tweet with us, ( Christine Arylo ) and ( Amy Ahlers ) and receive random acts of self-love throughout the day!
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