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Say A Prayer For Tibet

Posted Mar 18 2008 11:58am 1 Comment

lhasa.jpgI am sorry to put up such a biased post. I do not want to appear to ever say Buddhism is best.
But, I am so upset and distressed about what has been happening in Tibet in the last few days, I did not know what else to do.
From the Kagyu Monlam Book

Aspiration for the Well-Being of Tibet by Jamgön Lodrö Thaye

Undeceiving sources of refuge, three jewels and three roots;
Especially Avalokita, protector of the Land of Snow;
Noble lady Tara; Guru Padmakara:
I pray to you. Consider your pledges and promises.
Grant your blessings that my aspirations be fulfilled.

Through the incorrect thoughts and actions of beings in degenerate times
And turmoil of the outer and inner elements,
There are new human and animal diseases.
We are struck by planets, naga, gyalpos, and evil bhutas;
Blight, frost, hail, and poor harvests; war and fightings;
Uneven rainfall, blizzards, destruction by voles and rats,
Earthquakes, fire, danger from the four elements;
And, in particular, invasions that threaten the dharma.

May all such things that menace this Land of Snow
Be quickly pacified and eradicated.
May all beings, human and non-human,
Naturally generate precious bodhicitta
And be free from malevolent thoughts and actions.
May they love one another.
May all of Tibet be filled with joy, well-being, and wealth.
May the buddhadharma spread, flourish, and long remain.

Through the power of the truth of the three roots, buddhas, and bodhisattvas;
The power of all the roots of virtue in samsara and nirvana;
And the power of our pure benevolence,
May what we have prayed and wished for be accomplished.

The lord guru Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo said to me, “Because of the great uncertainty of the present time, I pray six times each day for the well-being of Tibet. It is important that you do as well.” In accordance with that command, I wrote this to remind me to do so.

This was written by Jamgön Lodrö Thaye in Tsadra Rinchen Drak in the morning of an auspicious conjunction during the waxing phase of the month Gyal. Yathasiddhiratsu.

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Hi Tupten,

I've been following this story as well, with much sadness and anger. The world needs to speak loudly about this. I'd also like to see the Chinese community show a dissenting voice letting the government know that their hostile invasion into this land of peace is unwanted and unwarranted. Yes, I know of the Chinese government censorship and freedom of speech crackdown, but come on people, save face and take a moral stance. This goes for any hostile action from anyone, which very much includes my own country, the U.S., and its role in Iraq.

Buddhism emphasizes the intention of an action. The intention of these actions are a great disservice to the well being of the world.

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