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Salt Water Helps Everything

Posted Aug 26 2008 11:58am
Hi Friends,

I'm lifting this Holidaily from Kim, a terrific Weight Watchers leader who leads the 9:15 Friday meetings at Silverlake Shopping Center. I was there this past summer, incidentally, to celebrate with a personal training client who reached goal weight. Paula lost 124 pounds and is keeping it off. She sent me a lovely e-mail which I quote at about life as an "after."

Anyway, Kim paraphrased the author Isak Denisen, who wrote that almost every problem can be improved by adding salt water--in the form of sweat, tears, or time by the .

(You thought I was going to tell you to drink that stuff, didn't you?)

This week, when you run into obstacles, try to figure out which of the three forms of salt water will help you get around/over/through them. Do you need to just roll up your sleeves and work through it (sweat)? Are you bottling up your emotions and need to let go (tears)? Or do you need to back away from the situation and get some perspective (which always seems to happen when you look at the vastness of the ocean)?

The last thing you want to do with problems or pain is literally feed them. Running to the fridge when you are stressed is as bad for you as, well, drinking salt water!
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