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S-E-X spells Embarassment!

Posted Nov 03 2008 8:47pm
One thing I forgot to mention about yesterday's trip to see High School Musical happened before the lights even went down for the show. I can't believe I forgot to blog about this, although in retrospect, I may have just blocked it from my memory at the time...

We arrived about 30 minutes before showtime, knowing that it would be busy and allowing extra time for traffic (since we live so far away)... but we made it there in record time, there were no lines of people and we got right in. Got our popcorn and cokes and headed to find seats, which D chose right smack dab in the middle of the theatre. Good choice for viewing, I sat down.

The lights were low but not out, and there wasn't anything entertaining on the screen yet, we were THAT early. As the theatre filled up and we chomped on our popcorn, D spelled words in his overtly loud, little boy voice that I love so much, but know annoys everyone 3 states away. The boy is loud.

I kept shushing him, to no avail. No one was really paying attention anyways, so he kept spelling just like a kid at a spelling bee. There was general chatter throughout the theatre, but at one moment, it all hushed.

That was the exact moment that little D spelled "S - E - X spells SEX, MOMMY! I SPELLED SEX!" Imagine the gasps and horrible looks that were shot in my direction! I could have died! Instead, I shushed him and told him not to say that out loud again, to which he replied (again in his loud voice), "Why Mommy, SEX isn't a bad word!" Another collective gasp rang out.

Thankfully, the previews started right then and everyone (including me) forgot about the moment.

We revisited it again last night when D told his Dad how to spell 'sex'. We exchanged questioning looks back and forth and shrugged our shoulders. I don't know how he learned it, and for the most part, I don't care. In our house, sex is not taboo, nor is it shushed. In fact, our 5 year old knows all about the birds and the bees, although in his story, they are bulls and cows or stallions and mares. See, sex and reproduction is the very essence of a rancher's business, and as a country kid, its the nature of life, not a touchy subject.

Kids will say anything, won't they?!!
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