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Running Realizations & NWM Half Recap

Posted Apr 29 2013 9:28pm
Good evening y’all!  I’m still riding a runner’s high from yesterday’s race anddd ba, da, ba, ba, ba I’m loving it ;)

Thanks Katie for hosting another marvelous link-up!

Before I talk about yesterday’s marvelous race I want to share something not so marvelous.  I’ve been meaning to write a running related post for the past couple of weeks but I’ve put it off for different reasons, the biggest reason was because I was in a serious running slump…

I ran because I felt like I should run.

I ran because I felt like I needed to run.

I ran because I had to train for my upcoming two [now one] races. 

I  ran because I made a commitment to Molly that we’d run together. 

I ran because I spent X dollars on registrations. 

I ran for all of the wrong reasons. 

I didn’t look forward long weekend runs, they felt more like a chore than something that I wanted to do.  I felt guilty for postponing plans so I could squeeze in a run.  In sum, all of the positive emotions that I felt while running just a few months ago and during the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half last month had gone away.

With all of that said, yesterday was exactly what I needed.  Molly and I talked all week about our expectations and goals for the race.  I told her that I wanted to run for fun.  I wanted to soak it all in and enjoy every.single.minute of the race.  I didn’t want to hold her back – we agreed that if either of us wanted to speed up or slow down that would be totally okay.  I wanted to run to remember why I love to run.  That’s what I did and that’s what the race did for me.  I realized…

Friday I began to feel a bit better but whatever bug I caught earlier in the week wasn’t going away without a fight.  Immediately after work I came home, curled up on the couch, and was asleep by 8:30PM.  Wild and crazy, I know.

Saturday morning Ryan and I woke up and headed downtown to participate in the Walk to End Lupus Now.  I’ll share more about the walk later this week.  After the walk we swung by the Georgetown Lululemon Store for a meet and greet hosted by ZOOMA, grabbed lunch, and did a few errands.  We ended up driving around the town where our new apartment is located and it made us both even more excited to move – June can’t come soon enough!  We did a little light cardio at the gym before grabbing takeout for dinner.


Panera ‘s chicken noodle soup in a bread bowl – carbalicious & easy on the tummy

At 4AM my alarm rang and it was time to get race ready…  Shower, coffee, breakfast, stretch.



I’m going to skip writing a traditional race recap because by this point you’ve probably heard all about the expo, the beautiful weather, the fairly flat course, the roadside live entertainment, the supportive crowds lining the streets, the finisher t-shirts, and the men dressed in tuxes serving Tiffany necklaces on silver platters…  I could go on and on about the marvelousness of yesterday day but rather, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

A HUGE thanks to Ryan and our good friend Bill for waking up before the sun to cheer me on and taking pictures throughout the morning!


Ryan was so proud of himself for capturing my drama queen facial expression upon exiting the Porta Potty






ready, set, GO!



ohhh heyyy there


IMG_5982!  p.s. I make the worst race faces, serious practice needed





Molly, Alex , & me




Nike Women's Half 2013 Finisher Necklace

P.S.  This article “ If You Run Slow, Who Cares? ” as seen on Competitor is a great read!

Question:  What was the most marvelous moment of your weekend?

Question:  Have you ever run a Nike race?  If not, do you want to now?

— Allison

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