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Roller Coaster Thoughts

Posted Jan 04 2013 5:34pm

This afternoon I snuck out of the house for a quick errand [while still wearing my pink plaid PJ's]…

When I was stopped at a stoplight I saw a homeless man who looked emaciated and had his house contained in the grocery cart that he was pushing.  It was a strange sight to see since we live in the ‘burbs, but it got me thinking…

Enough to one person may be hardly enough to another.  The best to me may be barely the beginning to you.  Happiness is full of accomplishment and laughter in my mind but may be quiet time alone to someone else.  And healthy could mean mentally stable or physically fit depending upon who you ask.

With the New Year just kicking off, I think it’s easy to get stuck in a comparison trap.  To compare ourselves to others around us, to the guidelines we read, to the stars we see on TV.  We often set goals or make resolutions to improve ourselves in some way because that’s what we’re “supposed to do.”

I’ve done my fair share of it in the past…  I’ve hoped, I’ve wanted, and I’ve wished to be person X with trait Y by doing Z but it hasn’t gotten me anywhere.  Actually, it may have gotten me somewhere, but that somewhere was a place where I was trying to be someone I wasn’t.  Why not make a goal to better yourself because that’s what you wanna do?  And if you don’t, you shouldn’t feel obligated to!

No matter what goals or resolutions you make this year, remember how blessed you are.  You’ve got a roof over your head, food on your plate, family and friends who love you, and opportunities at your fingertips.  Do not deprive yourself of these things, enjoy them while you can, because heaven forbid one day you may not have them.

Tonight Ryan and I are planning to make a list of a few goals that we hope to achieve together in 2013…  Such as date night once a month.  I’m looking forward to it!  I hope y’all have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend, TGIF :)

Today…  #elf4Health 1/4 Day 40:  Run or walk a mile as fast as you can!  No walking or running for me today but I’m hoping to be a bit more active this weekend.

This Weekend…  #elf4Health 1/5-6 Day 41-42:  Watching TV?  Get up and move during the commercial breaks.

Question:  What’s your favorite TV series?  Friday Night Lights, Nashville, and New Girl are on the top on my list lately…  We also started Dexter but I haven’t decided what I think of it.

Question:  What does happiness mean to you?

— Allison

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