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Right Thinking Determines Right Direction

Posted Nov 03 2008 8:47pm
January 22, 2008

"Feed Yourself Good Things

By Robert H. Schuller

"Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable - if anything is excellent or praiseworthy - think about such things." - Philippians 4:8

If you want something worthwhile to come out of your mind, you have to put something worthwhile into it. Cultivate the discriminatory art. Does this television program, this book, this conversation, inspire me? Or does it depress me? Does it help me want to be a better person, or is it neutral and unstimulating? Does it evoke the positive emotions of love, faith, hope, and joy, or the negative emotions of hate, disbelief, fear, and misery? Am I feeding my mind a diet that will calm, challenge, uplift, or inject determination to go out and win?

Stop listening to those Impossibility Thinkers who tell you how wrong you are - how impossible your idea is.

As much as possible, exposure yourself to what's positive. Go to the library and find books that teach you more on the art of being a Possibility Thinker. There are many.

It's your choice. Right thinking determines right direction."

I love it!! Absolutely love it!
I get an email every single day into my inbox from the Crystal Cathedral and Robert Schuller. These 'Powerful Minutes' that I receive each morning are great ways to start the day.

You know, what he says that 'right thinking determines right direction' is so true. It was Henry Ford that said, 'whether you think you can or think you can't, either way you're right!' Very true. We have the ability to change our lives with the power of thought. Now, I'm not going to get all metaphysical like Rhonda from The Secret, but there IS something to it. Of course, there's really no 'secret' involved, that was just a genius marketing ploy to entice you (and me!) to buy it (which I did).

The only secret is that you have the power to achieve or not achieve anything you want. It always comes back to your attitude. And you know what? I'm the first one to admit that I don't always have the best attitude. In the past I have kinda of enjoyed complaining. I admit it. I see it now, and I see it as a huge boulder sitting in my way of achieving my dreams. Why do I spend any time whatsoever allowing negative thoughts into my head? Its completely unproductive, doesn't help anybody (least of all me!) and complaining isn't the best way to 'make friends and influence people', is it?

I really believe that its our choice... each morning when we wake up, we can choose to follow a positive path, or stumble backwards down a negative one. Sometimes if we're not really decisive about it, we can also be pulled down and drowned by others who we allow to be negative around us. Its gotta stop!

For me, I get 'bitchy' for different reasons. First of all, if I'm not feeling well, I get bitchy... which makes sense. When people don't feel well physically, its hard to be chipper and positive. The obvious solution to this problem for me was to stop feeding my body junk and exercise more. I have really been doing a good job in the past 2 weeks since beginning... I haven't made drastic changes, mind you, just some simple tradeoffs to start. For example, I eliminated Coca Cola from my diet completely. It is my obsession, my addiction, my most favorite beverage!! However, it has absolutely no positive health effects, in fact, everything about it (except the taste!) is absolutely HORRIBLE! Its the Liquid Devil of gastronomy! So, its gone... and you know what? Aside from a day or two of irritable behavior and a dull headache, I'm fine.

Second change goes along with the first. The removal of one beverage requires a replacement: more water. I am drinking water. A lot of water. I have always loved water, but if given a choice between water or Coke, you know which one I'd choose. Now there is no choice. Just clear H2O and it feels good! I already feel better!

Other changes? I dropped red meat, which you already knew about since I have mentioned it frequently here on my blog, just yesterday in fact! I have also switched our family over the brown rice instead of the white stuff. This is not going over well with hubby who hates the brown rice flavor... I tried to explain to him that the taste of the food is really secondary to the health benefits (or lack thereof)... he begs to differ. Oh well, until he decides to do the grocery shopping himself, I guess he'll just have to eat it and like it. I told him, "instead of complaining about it, why don't you thank me for attempting to make my family more healthy?"

So far thats about it. I am a big veggie and fruit eater, but I am trying to even eat more. I am sprinkling flaxseed on anything I can and taking Supergreens (spirulina mostly) to boost my veggies. Hoping the flaxseed will help my thinning and dried out hair. Yuck.

So my thinking has been that if I feel better, I will feel better mentally as well. Although I haven't felt any significant changes due to my diet changes, I'm sure it takes awhile... I mean, I've spent 33 years feeding it crap, it might not miraculously feel better overnight, you know? Exercise does help. It clears my mind, builds energy, invigorates me and the endorphins it produces keep away all negative thoughts...

I'm also cleaning up the negative talk. I am just not going to take part in it. I don't want to be a complainer. I really don't. I have to make a consious effort to not complain out loud. My husband brought it to my attention a few days ago that I complain about everything. I hated hearing that. Upon inspection, I found that he's right. I could justify it by saying that I complain because everything is wrong! But I can't do that. I don't want to be known as a drag, a complainer, a bitch, a pain in the ass. I want just the opposite! So, in an effort to curb my complaining (which are verbal negative thoughts), I am keeping my mouth shut. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not seething and festering on the inside either, I am just letting it go. Not letting (insert whatever applies to the moment) bother me, its not worth it! I need to stay positive, stay on my path, keep my chin up! If my chin is up, how can I possibly see the negativity that is truly beneath me??

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