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Review--Hemalayaa's "Dance of the Kama Sutra"

Posted by Nirmala N.

With the resurgence of pole dancing, burlesque, and other forms of sensual movement, the concept of a woman getting in touch with her sexuality through dance is hardly a novelty. Yoga and dance instructor Hemalayaa (of the sultry eyes and silvery giggle) goes it one further: in her "Dance of the Kama Sutra" instructional video, sensual dance leads to greater levels of freedom in body and spirit. In fact, rather than making sensual dance simply about spectacle or titillation, the video delves into the heart of the sacred feminine, getting women to deeply enjoy their bodies and heal any blocks that hold them back from discovering the goddess within. The exercises are more meditative than aerobic: a plush atmosphere with Sanskrit chanting in the background accompanies moments of contemplation and slow, languorous stretches and circular movements that get you to explore and open up every single body part. Hemalayaa's model of awakening one's inner goddess largely has to do with tapping into your greatest desire and dancing in that spirit. She asks viewers to imagine their dance as a ritual offering of sorts—you might simply want to act out the sinuous moves for a lover, but it could also be for yourself or God. While an actual connection to the ancient text the video takes its name from doesn't appear to exist, for women who aren't into the aggressive abandon of striptease fitness, this video presents movements that are both comfortable and comforting, healing and voluptuous.
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