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Resolve Pain At Its Source!

Posted May 27 2012 12:34pm

Regardless of whether your pain started because of emotional trauma, physical trauma or both, the source of it is at the cellular level in your body. The most effective approach to overcome it is through your body doing what your brain exists for you to do – adaptable, complex, optimal movement s as your structure is designed to move. I discovered the power and relief this approach offers when I injured my shoulder and was in pain 24/7.

For six weeks I foundered around looking for answers through traditional healthcare and then alternative methods. When nothing worked or helped I became quite depressed, fearful and desperate. I was lucky because I stumbled on an approach that resolved my pain by learning how to move better. I have seen many people who were much less fortunate and had somehow managed to live with their pain for many years, at great cost to their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. I have great admiration for their courage because I know how hard it is to function when in pain.

After resolving my pain I realized there is a huge gap in our health care system – it does not train people to understand and address what it  feels like to move optimally as our structure is designed to move! This is a huge failing in our system of care because we are spending billions on drugs, therapies and surgery that temporarily mask pain but does not resolve it. The most common complaint people have today is low back pain – that is 98% of the adult population. Our approach uses  five principles of centered balance  as a guide to learning how to move again as your structure is designed.

Many people have become so identified with their pain that they are  defined by their pain!  Other people have resolved emotional trauma like sexual abuse, mental abuse, neglect and more with other methods but they don’t feel quite free of it somehow. At the thinking level they may have it all worked out but at the cellular level (what they feel) is not done yet because there are movement patterns that must be addressed.

Stroke is one of the most devastating traumas that more and more people are experiencing. The therapies that they go through do quite a bit to help them regain some practical functions but the vast majority do not fully recover because the health system does not address how to relearn movement. Exercising a limb that the brain is not aware of is a pointless activity. Moving the rest of the body around such that the brain is compelled to feel the affected area and learn that it exists after all is the approach that is most effective.

Our brain is alerted to pain by sending messages from the nervous system that indicate stiff, sore, discomfort and pain. It is how we listen and react to these messages that must be fundamentally changed. No longer should we stretch further when our body feels stiff, tight and sore. No longer should we keep doing an activity the same way when our brain is telling us we are about to injure ourselves with messages of pain, soreness, discomfort and so on. No longer should we do mindless, repetitive activities that isolate muscles with no connection to the rest of the body. Change our approach to be how we were as very young children, fully present and aware of how we move in all activities of life, responding appropriately to create optimal movement patterns. That is how we eliminate pain emotionally, intellectually and physically.

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