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remove skin tags, moles and warts naturally in your home

Posted Sep 11 2008 2:00am

When it comes to beauty, there is no respecter of gender, age and race. All of us want to look our best at work or at play. It boosts our inner confidence and says alot of ourselves.

You can be spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars to beautify your facial appearance but there are some issues which are beyond your control including skin tags, moles and warts appearing on your face. There is no doubt that today’s cosmetic technology will remove your skin tags and warts within minutes but not everyone is able to afford these methods. Thankfully, there are enough research done to remove these skin tags and warts naturally at the comforts and privacy of your home. You can choose to either remove your skin tags and warts naturally by following the step-be-step instructions in a book or you can try out these simple and natural treatment oils with a 60 day money back guarantee! What risk is there if they are going to help you eliminate your skin tags and warts?

Skin Tag Removal

1) Heal Skin Tags is applied topically onto the area using a Q-tip or your finger. The anti-viral oils of the formula have been proven to make skin tag removal gentle and effective.

“I have tried so many different treatments for skin tags over the years, from ointments to creams to having them surgically removed by my doctor!! And none have worked. One day I happened across your website and saw your page. I was a bit skeptic at first- it must be said.

To my surprise, after just 10 days of application I started to notice a difference in the appearance of the skin tags and they had started to dry up! After one more short week my skin tags just fell out, completely!! I could not believe it!

I would recommend this product to anyone! It is fantastic, no more trips to the doctors’ office for me!

Please feel free to use what I have sent in this email on your website as a testimonial

God bless!

Arnold - Boston, MA.”

Warts Treatment

2) Heal Warts draw the warts out of the skin with no burning or skin irritation. They will then flake away leaving no scarring.

Heal Warts removal and treatment oil is gentle. It is topically applied and not taken by mouth. The formula is not to be used when pregnant or nursing. The product may be used for children from the age of 4 years.

” I would like to share my experience since I used your product for genital warts. After I finished the first bottle of treatment, something happened: I can’t explain this, but I can only say: “This is a miracle of modern science.” My warts are gone, the area is smooth and soft. (Before this the warts were terrible for me)

It is a wonderful thing, during the healing process I felt comfortable, no pain… I would like to tell you that I am so very happy.

Thank you…thank you…thank you so much.

Jennifer - New York, NY “

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