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Refresher & Check-In

Posted Aug 12 2010 7:07pm
August 11, 2010

Hi all! If you’re reading this in a Reader, please click on over and let me know what you think of the new layout (and thank you to those who have so far)! I wanted to simplify a bit, but things always go wrong with these sort of changes, so please shoot me an email or leave a comment if something seems off or missing.

Ok, so this accidentally became an awfully word heavy post..

And the current going’s on..



Sometimes we need little refreshers about what’s really important in life… and perhaps when pursuing such a selfish, egotistic and narcissistic ”sport” such as Physique competitions, you may need them more often (I don’t mean to offend any competitors by saying that, I am one after all.. it’s like making fun of someone with red hair & freckles.. we get teased a lot as children :p).

Nothing dramatic happened, all is wonderful in my world.. but something reminded me recently of how truly silly it is for me to ever get upset about something as meaningless as a number on the scale not going down, or whether or not a caliper measurement went down one or two millimeters this week. I mean really?! This is one of the many things I’ve been contemplating/realizing lately.. and it’s a great thing.. I’m just thankful to be able to train like I do, and it really makes me not stress quite as much about competition-prep. I can be so type-A sometimes, that I am thankful for refreshers.. they come in so many forms: talking to friends, reading blog posts and yoga.. they snap me back into what’s really important.

But with that being said.. today was..


As of today the competition is 2.2 weeks away.. all I gotta say is, it’ll be interesting to see what happens when I cut water! Oh and don’t worry, when I “cut” water I’m still drinking more than the average person. I drink well over a gallon on a daily basis, so cutting down to half a gallon or on the last couple days, 1/4 gallon, makes a difference to me, but I’m not exactly dehydrating myself. So specifically, yet again, my weight remains the same, but my body fat % went down. It’s all relative, but for comparison purposes, my trainer had me at around 7.5% the weeks of my two shows last November ( I tracked it here ), and right now I am right around 8.25%. Am I really exactly 8.25%, no, of course not, but relatively speaking I’m <1% different from what I competed at last time. Weight you wonder..

Well let me say this first, I am completely 100% happy with how I look and feel right now. So this isn’t, at all, a weight complaint post, it’s more of a “what, really” post, haha… So I am actually right around 130 lbs right now.. oh I’m 5’4&Prime;. Crazy right?!  That’s up just over 12 lbs over what I was at this far out last time.

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been going back & forth a bit with regards to whether or not I’d compete August 28th if I didn’t feel ready. Well I think I’ve decided that I will compete no matter what. I always say that I want to get on stage knowing I did everything I could do be my best up there. If my best is good enough to win, then awesome, if it’s not good enough that day, then I won’t be disappointed as long as I know that I did  my  best. Have a been 100% perfect on my diet the last 6 weeks.. no.. could I potentially fit in more cardio.. yes.. but have I done my best with the situation I’m in, while trying to stay as healthy as possible.. mind & body.. YES!  :)

Over the last week I had wonderful conversations with my Dad, a close friend and my trainer over me competing in physique competitions and my future in it. I am in just such a wonderfully positive place right now, that I want to stay there, and I want to prevent any unhealthy emotions and physical issues after the show. After going to watch NPC USAs a couple weeks ago, a number of things made me think long and hard about why I do this. And I was very pleased with my conclusion.. I know I do this for all the right reasons. I have an amazing support system in the form of family, friends and all of you! I want to win of course, but for me it’s not about getting reassurance about how I look or that I’m “the best.” I truly enjoying working out, challenging myself, and especially meeting amazing people and having fun at shows. Heck I’m a Leo, and an only child at that.. there will always be a part of me that enjoys being the center of attention.. so put me in the micro-suit and give me some heals and I’ll go play on stage.. crap.. I mean that in a very, “I”m not seeking a career as a stripper” sort of way.. though they do make bank! :p I digress.. I do it because it’s fun! .. But I’d be lying like crazy if I didn’t admit that this dieting part is not fun.. no, it’s not fun at all, and I’ve definitely had a few rough moments this last week, where it all of a sudden got A LOT harder, and I seriously questioned “what the hell am I doing?” Basically, I’m hungry about 75% of the day. I’ll eat a meal, and an hour later I’m hungry again. Not “oh I could eat” hungry, but “holly crap, give me food now!” sort of hungry. It’s incredibly distracting when you’re trying to get work done, haha.. We made a couple changes to my diet today that I hope will help. After all, it’s only 2.5 weeks away, and I’m looking forward to having a blast with teammates who have worked so hard to be there!

As for after that show.. I have no idea.. maybe Ironwoman NPC, maybe Fitness American.. we shall see  :)  ..  And I’m completely ok with that.. for now..

As far as the rest of today.. I finally made it to Yoga (it’d been over a week) for a noon-time Power Hour class.. it was awesome, and just what I needed. Then there will be Spin tonight!


I started making one thing, then changed my mind half-way through.. this is what I was really craving..

Savory Oats! This was 1/3 c Coach’s Steel Cut Oats mixed with 1/2 tbsp Nutritional Yeast & 1 tbsp Salsa, topped with 3.5 oz Chicken Breast, 35 g Pinto Beans and another tbsp of Salsa.. totally hit the spot  :)


A Few Posts

Here are a few posts I’ve dug lately:

1) From Eat, Live, Run, “ ELR Food Philosophy.. Again

My comment on this post:

I think if someone glanced at my blog they would think I would be one of the ones on the other side of the fence on this one.. but that SO isn’t true! I absolutely couldn’t agree more. My biggest struggle is the moderation part. I tend to be an extremist with whatever I do and have trouble finding the off-button with sweets (alcohol, fried food, etc have never been a problem there, just sweets.. who knows why). But perhaps it’s because I do attempt to restrict myself too much. I think life is far far too short not to have a cookie when you really want one!

2) Alison Either’s, “ Europa Texas on the Horizon,” talking about Fitness and it’s demands

3) And just because apparently I’m a masochist: How Sweet It Is’ “ Better than Crack Brownies

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