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Reading Your Food Labels

Posted Mar 04 2011 7:45am

Two days ago, I noticed some goose bumps looking spots on my legs and couldn’t make out what it was. Then I concluded that it could be a mild flare of eczema and that might be triggered by some material I’m allergic to.

Having eczema is no fun and it can cost lots of discomfort to those who have suffered from it. These days, more and more kids are suffering from eczema and apart from hereditary links, it could also be caused by modern day’s foods. In case you don’t take notice, there is more colorings and preservatives in today’s processed foods than ever before. I make it a point to read my labels and will avoid foods that contain artificial colorings, added preservatives…etc. Anything artificial should be avoided and if you are have certain allergies, you should all the more avoid colorings and preservatives in your foods. Few years ago, my hubby was cracking his head over fathers day presents ideas and decided to bought dad a big box of organic goodies. Foods with artificial flavorings and colors can lead to other sicknesses and affect our children’s physical development. Besides, it can cause ADHD, ADD and more health related conditions. Why pay good money for ingredients in foods that can cause sickness in our bodies?

So if you have never read your ingredients list or labels, it’s never too late to start now. You should choose natural or organic options if you can and if you can’t, make sure you avoid those additives that make your foods taste food at the expense of your health!

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