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Qigong Helps Neck Pain

Posted by Debi P.

According to 'Spine" (Oct. 2007), a recent study found that Qigong is as effective as exercise therapy for alleviating long term non-specific neck pain. Qigong uses slow movements, breathing exercises and meditation to improve the flow of qi, or life energy. The aim is to restore balance in body , mind, and spirit.

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What I find fascinating about Qigong (and Tai Chi) is that it appears there are real health and wellness benefits of the practice, and those benefits are there whether or not you choose to believe in the concrete existence of qi (the "vital force" or "life energy") along with the meridians that channel the qi within the body. What's more, there are scientifically valid reasons for why Qigong and Tai Chi can provide benefits to those who adopt the practice and make it part of their lives.
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