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Product Review: Green Sponge

Posted Sep 01 2010 10:33pm

Green sponge?  No, not the color green.  But, green living.  This post is a continuation of "My Green Living" series.

On behalf of our BlogHer '10 experience, Lori and I met a ton of vendors where they gave out free samples. Most of the samples we received are from big name companies like Scotch-Brite. Just to let you know, Scotch-Brite did not ask me to write this post about their product.  I volunteered to review their products if it will help people with "green living".  Now, I am all about sharing information and I will only give you information if I truly feel it has helped me and will help you as well.  I am in no way getting any monetary compensation for this review.

Most of the product reviews I will do in the future, I have either bought the item or have been given a sample.  The product reviews will contain my opinion only and I will only write positive reviews. I will disclose this information each time I write a review.


I do not have a dishwasher and need to wash all of my dishes by hand and do not like to spend hours at the sink.  Time spent on an activity and cost are the ultimate factors in choosing my products.

I have to say, I am a sponge snob. I have a criteria when it comes to buying sponges and am also thrifty. I don't like wasting money and I don't like when sponges fall apart in a week, only to throw them away.

I am a loyal customer when I find a product I like.  I used the greener clean scrub sponge for my dishes.

My criteria for sponges:

1.)  Must be thick in size

With experience, thin sponges do not last for me. I admit. I rough handle my sponges. It is only because I want to get my dishes clean.

Thick sponges equals long lasting sponges

If a sponge is going to last me only a week, then it is cheap.  I can just imagine the mounds of my used sponges in the landfills.

2.)  Size does matter

I don't care for sponges that are only the size of an index card when wet.  I like sponges that are at least 5 inches when wet.  It is faster to clean the dishes.  Remember:  I don't have a lot of time.

3.)  Must have a scrubber attached on the other side of the sponge

I need a textured side to clean hard to wash grease or caked on food.

4.)  Must not scratch my dishes or cookware

So far so good. Has not scratched my expensive cookware.

5.)  Made from natural materials

The greener clean sponge is just that!  I believe in "green living" and am in the process of switching all of my current products to natural ones.  Some of the "un -natural" sponges contain a white powder. I always wondered what that white powder is on the sponge. Probably some kind of a chemical?  TOXIC!!!

Grade:  A

I have lots to like about the greener sponge line from Scotch-Brite.

Facts about the Greener Sponge

  • Made from 100% natural materials (agave and corn)
  • Scrubbing fibers made from natural agave
  • Re-usable
  • Recycled content and/or packaging
  • Eliminates the need for daily disposable cleaning tools - so it can really save you money
  • From daily dishes to stuck-on messes, it delivers scrubbing strength without scratching
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