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Posts about Interpersonal conflict and dealing with people as of January 20, 2009

Posted Jan 22 2009 4:02pm
Loving others is exercise for my soul. Each time I embrace someone, I burn away the unwanted weight of hatred and bitterness … difficultpeople. I can love those whom I have difficulty accepting. The more I love them, the easier
Handling Difficult People -
Beauty should not be about how thin, fair and young you look, but howkind, generous and wise you are.Same goes with this …PS: No way you’re never gonna shake me!Till then, meet on 23rd. Adios!
- 01/20/2009 Informasi Seminar | Info Training Jadwal Info Seminar dan Informasi Training PAYROLL ADMINISTRATION 19-20 … others … that we are ‘impossible to help’. It makes me feel badly, as if we are difficultpeople … - 01/19/2009 A Leadership Secret: Appreciating The DifficultPeople
Next Chapter - Week 2- Take 2 -
I had already finished this entry but then reread Leah’s post and felt inspired to answer the questions in the book.  So, here is take two.  Enjoy! … with difficultpeople.  Do you use creative rituals?  Yes, most definitely.  I know this sounds … people laugh, and a minute later move them to tears while storytelling and performing.  Which
Peyote Stitch -
I’ve been inspired to do the Peyote Stitch through WikiHow. I’ve spent some time on today. If you want to know HOW to do somthing, check it out. It tells you how to do just about anything, even how to deal with difficultpeople. Its kinda like an adventure that links to links
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