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Posts about Interpersonal conflict and dealing with people as of February 19, 2009

Posted Feb 20 2009 5:46pm
SO,whaat about Socialization? -
Concerns about the social disadvantages of homeschooling are usually related to one of the following questions: 1 … with difficultpeople, but I have never been forced to endure daily taunting or physical assault, nor … of people? Public school students spend their days in a room with children who are their same age
By Wayne Messick [ ] Is it possible that our behaviors are a tip off that conflict is present in our organization, undercover conflict, … busted. The really difficultpeople are those that smile and say how are you - then slip the knife
Get Motivated!: Overcome Any Obstacle, Achieve Any Goal and Accelerate Your Success with Motivational DNA Motivated people advance further and … with DifficultPeople * The Formula for Beating Stress While Meeting Deadlines * How to Raise Positive … relationships and are happier than the less- motivated people around them. But true motivation
The Gift of DifficultPeople - 02/18/2009 by Doris Helge, Ph.D. One of my most requested presentations is “How to turn difficultpeople into supporters and allies.” Why is there so much demand for the “ difficultpeople ” topic? It’s not just because
Love -
On Saturday, I was asked to share a devotion/testimony at the Upward games at church.  I did so last year as well, but last year, it was a little easier for me to come up with something to talk about… afterall, it was a year after I had found my church, through the Upward Ministry
Handling Difficult People by Being One of Them -
A few days ago I spoke to a group that started programming early in the morning. Although I wasn’t on until 9:45 I decided to get there early to hear the first speaker talk about communications. Our… [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
press on, keep moving, you’ll get there -
Recently, an acquaintance asked, “So what do you think of your new camera? From what I see, your photos haven’t improved at all.” She was conversational, not critical, so I answered that winter is difficult, people are pale and the light has a constant blue/grey cast. And then I cried for 3 days. We all have fallow periods
Prophecy & Politics -
Predicting the future is a tricky business. Personally I’ve spend a good bit of my time studying what the Bible’s prophetic passages have to say. I enjoy getting all the “prophecy books” that I can. They are usually wide-ranging in terms of their beliefs, they also tend to change every few years
Sot sot dei… -
I spent two nights at school consecutively, the first for Leonard’s overnight session and the second for my own … the whole part where Kevin and Scotty got married in Season Two. I’ve frustrations with difficultpeople
5 Easy Ways to Deal with Difficult People -
There are people out there who are… oh, how can I diplomatically put this?… ready, willing and able to drive the sanest, most patient person on Planet Earth absolutely and positively NUTS
Manic Monday -
Of all your favorite foods, which one would you find the most difficult to give up for the rest of your life? I’m not very good at giving up anything that I like, but chocolate would probably be most difficult. People are always giving it to me… for Christmas, for Easter, for Valentine’s Day
Nobody likes me, everybody hates me. -
I went to Subway last night to get sandwiches for Gabe and myself, since the food in our kitchen is scarce and I didn’t feel like cooking … service and I know it can be difficult. People always downplay how hard it can be if they’ve never done
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