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Poor Me Syndrome

Posted May 02 2008 11:02am 3 Comments
Today's Lesson:
I can't stand it! Today I overheard a conversation of a poor, poor woman who is trying to lose weight and was complaining to a friend about how she can't eat her favorite foods. "I gave up pizza. I don't eat chocolate anymore. What do I have to live for?" Oh my gosh! With that attitude it is no wonder you are over weight. Come on! Give ME a break! You can eat any way you want to. You may, however, CHOOSE not to because you prefer a slim body but in NO WAY are you deprived! You should be saying "I don't eat that because I prefer a sexy body." "I don't eat that because I don't like how I feel afterwards." "I don't eat that because I would rather not battle with the sugar addiction that comes with it" "I don't eat that because I don't want it!" "I eat healthy foods because that is what my body expects of me and I love my body!" Please don't whine to others or yourself about the choices you are making. You can choose to eat some of these foods sometimes but if you are gaining weight because of it - you may choose to eliminate them. But always remember it is a CHOICE, not a deprivation and no one wants to hear you crying about it.

Okay so you are not with me on what I said. Are you feeling deprived or do you really understand that you are simply making choices? As Oprah Winfrey (and me lately) has said - "Get your power back!". You are capable of making decisions and sticking to them -right? You have the power to create anything for yourself! Create a better picture now. Stop thinking about all of the things you can't do and focus on what you can, will and are doing. Don't join the millions of whiners out there comparing themselves to the thinner, richer, prettier people. Be the thinner, prettiest and richest! Create that for yourself in your mind and stop focusing on what you don't have.... focus on what you want to create.
I am going to have to direct you to work on your thoughts and your thinking now. I am reading a very powerful book called "Ask and It is Given". It starts off talking about the power of your thoughts and how you are the director of your life. The end gives you exercises to do to make things happen in your life. What you think about comes about. What are you thinking about?

I recommend:
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Thanks for this post. I haven't read the book you recommended but I find that I'm beginning to notice negative patterns of speech and thinking in the way I approach my own life. I know there have been times when I've been self-deprecating and self-pitying, sometimes just to get sympathy from other people (ick!). Now I can see that approaching my life from a place of power, love, and confidence makes me feel better, and it empowers others around me to do the same.
Thanks! Ha ha--this isn't to say that I don't sometimes find myself caught up in the spiral of "poor me" and needing to tell everyone else how messed up my life is and how they should feel bad for me, but it has become much easier to catch myself doing that. I think I have an advantage here because I've never really been one to complain to other people; that's become a more conscious effort, especially since I hate hearing other people complain. I consider myself an empathetic listener, but I do notice the difference between someone just straight out complaining and someone else approaching their problems from a place of peace and positive thinking. The former is draining, while the latter is inspiring.
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