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Pilates Mat & Toys

Posted Nov 14 2009 9:45am

magiccircleI have renamed our classes from

Pilates/Mat & Springs

Pilates Mat & Toys.

Come experience how Pilates toys such as the Magic circle, foam rolls, bands, different size balls and springs can change your fitness.

This fall I have been teaching a series of workshops for teachers
through Balanced Body: Mat & Toys.

Each workshop was exploring the Pilates Mat using a Toy: Magic Circle, Bands, foam rolls, balls and the Pilates arc. In preparing to teach each workshop, each prop brought a new physicality to my practice.

Many with the rollup use momentum to get up. A rollup is a full body action with needed strength in the core and legs. At the same time great articulation of the spine is required.

The magic circle and the bands on my feet emphazied
how much I need to use my legs.

Pilates Mat & Arc-4The Pilates arc and small ball enhanced
how I sequenced through my spine.

With the props I really had to discover deeper use of my body to initiate the movement.  My spine felt great with this new information and physicality.  This is a small example of how the props can be used.

The toys are a affordable way to experience what the machines help with.  If new,  your first class is free.  Reservation is necessary.

Call Movements Afoot: 212-904-1399.

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