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Pilates is Wellness

Posted May 12 2009 3:24pm

by Lesley Powell Movements Afoot

Pilates is wellness. Wellness is a deep connection of the body and mind.
True fitness is wellness.

Pilates will teach you how to center your mind and your body.  It creates balance of dormant muscles to overused muscles.  It creates an ease of motion of joints at the same time Pilates strengthens you.

Pilates will teach you about your whole body and its fascinating connections.  As you enhance your learning of your body, your new knowledge will enhance your posture, your fitness, your movement loves and your energy.

If your body does not feel well, how can your mind and spirit?


Breath: to relieve stress, open areas of tension
and teach you about getting to the deeper muscles for support, the transverse abdominals.

Breath connects you to your deepest abdominal muscles.
The transverse abdominal is like your very own corset.

Centering: coordination of the body radiating from your core in all movements.

The core muscles are your back and abdominal muscles
that stabilized your spine.

Inspire your core muscles to create better posture and tone

Learn how to dynamically train them for improved posture
and coordinate them with your entire body.

This is the best injury prevention skill to have.

Balanced Muscles: create efficient movement, tone and joint mechanics.

By creating better balance in your muscles,
relieve tension that causes discomfort.

Precision and Control: good form invites good function and better fitness.

Learn how improved function and control with a few repetitions
are more valuable
than many repetitions done poorly.

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